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StargazerD Oct 28, 2013

No problem! I have a review about DR as well and i know how hard is to make those things hahaha, cya!

zetsubo666 Mar 23, 2013

Thanks and its great to see a fan of Mondaiji post a comment I thought I recognised Pest sama. Good news is the Light novel now has enough support to be translated so as a fellow fan I thought I should tell you to keep your eyes peeled for that and spread the word.

Back to my review I just felt there was nothing to add and my review was long enough already with the judo girl she is just hit or miss I guess and for me she was just a cute extra with nothing really to talk about but not necessairly bad.

No you are right I guess I was a little influenced at the time by disappointment that I was a little harsh on Kai but when I think about how great Okabe was he just annoys me. You are absolutely right why she died I was just upset at how she was killed off really and by Kai's slow reaction really annoyed me but it did have a good reason behind it.

The main reason behind my 5/10 is because I would if there weren't so many great reviews of it already give Steins gate a 10/10 it literally the best anime I can think of in its multi genre. I actually feel Steins gate is at least twice as good as this series if not more and maybe I am being harsh comparing the two but I like to have comparisons to help people out when reviewing or giving an opinion on something.

Also just finished Shin Sekai Yori today and Pycho pass on the same day as RN and they were vastly superior in their own genres and I enjoy Zetsuen no tempest more than this series as well and Jojo's Battle tendency arc. Just not a good season for RN when the competition in their own genres is superior. Anyway thanks for taking the time to read and comment appreciate it.