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As unfortunate as it is to say I'm an absolute horror at creating Bios,

So instead I'll gift you with random spiels

and gifs so you can get a vibe for who I am as a person.


I am ; Horrendously sporadic in my musings dealings and attention span,

but I'm also incredibly dedicated once I enjoy something. If you try to talk to me I'll be a try hard

for quite a while in making sure the conversation is kept going.

All as well I hecking adore chit chats.

 I will talk about the things I like for a very long, long time so if we share an interest pester me. And

 I'll go on endlessly.


Current Musings;

One day I may finally get around to reading all of [Redacted]

Shameless Weeb; I like Other countries cultures. When I say

"Other countries" I really mean a lot of them. But also weeb so 

take that as you will! 

I write fanfic, and I art a lot.

Sometimes I dress up like a big blue manokit and flounce around Pittsburgh.

I'm probably unhealthily obsessed with AOT.



This is an accurate example of my life.


To top it all off;

♀ ♉ 5'4 // Game Enthusiast // Anime Watcher // Writer // Mint // Commission Friendly  // f u r r y // Really bad at watching stuff through oops

 ;; my PFP is by an artist called shadowfoxnjp // The icon is my fursona, the header is art by TwilightSparrow of my 'sona



My 1,111 anime episode was the Training of the Dead OVA from My Hero Academia

My first remembered anime is a blur I'm merely vagulely aware it was Claymore or Elfen Lied ;; W/ Fruits basket and Ouran coming close. NOT counting things like Dragon Ball or Pokemon.

2000th episode was def fruits basket .. so uh. i guess history repeats itself


 I vibe pretty heavily w/ Tohru Honda 

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AquamarineGem Oct 31, 2022

Hey. Hope you're doing well. Thank you so much for the compliments. I'm glad you enjoyed viewing my profile designs. 

I appreciate the follow. I followed you back! Have you seen any interesting shows lately?

LamiaNymph Aug 17, 2022

I have been meaning to say this for quite a while. But I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your fursona! 
The design is super cute.

D4RKS3NS3I Feb 14, 2021

Yo wassup. Name's Dark, and I have no clue of how I ended up here but... Huh-oh, you are the first f u r r y I met here hahah. Always wanted to meet one tbh 

And contrary to what your bio says, I think your bio is dope! AND HANGE SUPREMACY ALL THE WAY

Stela May 31, 2020

Thanks for the follow, MintyAmbitions. Nice to meet you! 

Kirishima2007 Oct 23, 2019

Wow you like Hikimo Toga me too do you have watch Naruto or Boruto