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Hi guys, gals, and fellow genderless aliens (you look stunning by the way). I don't know what else to write here, so I'll tell you my life's story... yeah let's do that.

As a person in high school and off my way to college, we, students, tend to get stressed a lot. It's that time where we can't just play around anymore. At least, that's how I see it. I'm glad I found something to divert my stress to. Honestly, you can get inspired from these stories. You can get motivated to do things that are beyond your comfort zone. Also, learning about another culture is fascinating. Because of anime, I've been inspired to do digital art (and I haven't done it before) and be a little more open. I do have friends that like anime, and we get along pretty well.

I enjoy indulging in anime during my spare time. I'm fairly new-ish at anime. I started watching One Punch Man and Sword Art Online in 2016 because they were available in Netflix back then. I loved One Punch Man season one. Let me say that SAO had a good concept, but the execution was bad. After SAO, I took a break on anime because... studies (sorry hehe). A couple years after, I watched The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K. It was funny, not gonna lie! Of course, in 2020 I have more time to do stuff. I started watching anime seRiOusLY in 2020 (is that the word to describe it..? Idk anymore). I watched anime like Ouran Host Club and Special A. Those are the classics of anime. Specifically, to the genre of rom-com anime. You probably watched those, or at least have heard of them at some point. I also watched them because they were in my favorite genre of anime. As previously mentioned, the genre was romance comedy. Before I know it, I found myself wanting more.

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jypsel Jul 1, 2020

I haven’t heard of Pet or ReLIFE!  Do you recommend them? Pet in particular sounded super interesting. I love psychological anything. :)    

I have been going through the 1001 Movies list for over 6 years now.  I feel like I’ve barely made a dent, haha!  But it has certainly added some wonderful movies to my film knowledge.  I don’t know much about film but I’m trying to learn, particularly because my fellow English majors always seem to know so much about it.  Haha!  Are you interested in movies?  I definitely wish I could have the experience of watching some of my favorites over again.  I’ve been talking to someone watching the Fruits Basket remake with no prior knowledge and I’m kind of jealous! 

I haven’t seen Special A, but now you’ve inspired me to give it a go!

I haven’t had too much luck with shoujo-ai but I’ve heard Bloom into You is pretty solid. I’d really like to give that one a try!  I did read a one shot called I Married My Best Friend to Shut My Parents Up and it was pretty good for a one shot!  I definitely recommend staying away from Fragtime.  It was not great, LOL.

I haven’t seen Jdramas in SO long.  I got a little irritated with the sexism and gender roles involved that it kind of turned me off for a while.  I haven’t heard of those so I think I should definitely give it another try.  Have you seen Coffee Prince?  It’s not a Jdrama, it’s a Kdrama, but it’s by far one of my absolute favorites.  So funny!

Ah, it’s so nice to talk to you, too!  I’m not shy, but I am rather reclusive so I don’t have many friends, either.  I do have one best friend, though, and he’s more than wonderful.   So I totally get you on not talking to many people.  Do you have a common interest with your friends?  A few of my internet friends and I got together and made a discord channel where we watch an anime movie every Tuesday and Sunday.  It’s been super fun.  Maybe you could do something similar with your friends?

jypsel Jun 29, 2020

Oh my gosh, I’d forgotten about Say I love you!  I watched that ages ago, but I haven’t seen Kimi ni Todoke.  Worth the watch, do you think?  One thing I did like about Snow White with the Red Hair, though, was that she was working to become an herbalist.  I loved the focus on plants and I also thought the backgrounds were really beautiful.

Random, but have you seen or read Skip Beat!? I think you’d really enjoy it!

And the Blue Dragon’s name is Shin-Ah, by the way!  I’ve read 23 volumes of the manga and I had to google it, don’t worry!  I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten, LOL!

I always feel like there’s still so much for me to watch and read too, so I completely understand!  Haha.  And anime production has only gone up in quantity (although quality is arguable haha).  Actually, though, it’s kind of plateauing because of COVID, which is a shame.  I was comparing the summer 2020 anime to the summer 2019 anime and it’s a smaller list. :( But I just hope they’re staying safe.

Oh ho ho!  Good questions!  Right now, I’ve been making my way through Dragon Ball for nostalgia and I’m also watching Sing “Yesterday” to Me which is an interesting anime so far.  It’s a bit slow, an adult romance with a lot of slice of life in it.  I’m only on episode 5 but I am enjoying it thus far!  I also signed up for the summer 2020 anime challenge so I’ll be looking forward to watching some new seasonals.  What about you?

My top genre is shoujo-ai but man, it’s tough to find quality anime or manga there.  I also quite like horror, josei and slice of life.  What about you?  And for an anime I could watch over and over?  Hmm, I’d have to say the original Sailor Moon series.  It means so much to me!  But I’m going to add a manga and say Fruits Basket.  If the remake really does the entire series, then maybe that would be the anime, too.  Have you seen it? I adore it!

jypsel Jun 28, 2020

Bahaha!  I don't remember thinking he was a villain in the manga!  It was 24 volumes ago now, but I think I was pretty shocked!  What part at your at in the anime? I would think it would follow similarly to the manga.

I didn't love Snow White with the Red Hair!  I was so sad.  I maybe need to try out the second season.  I was just so shocked how fast the main characters got together - or maybe not together, but they seemed to have caught feelings pretty quick, at least quick from what I'm used to.  Did you watch Kaguya-sama: Love is War?

jypsel Jun 28, 2020

I stumbled across your profile and gave it a read.  Welcome to watching anime sErIoUsLy!  LOL. That made me laugh.  I see you're watching Yona of the Dawn!  I haven't seen it yet but I am reading the manga. How do you like it so far?