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Message in the Concept

Sometimes anime can unexpectedly make interesting meanings behind simple symbolisms.
1 Fushigiboshi no Futagohime

Fushigiboshi no Futagohime

This anime can teach ppl that sometimes you just really cant be the best in everything, someone will always be better than you wether its dancing, flower arrangement or even cooking but whats important is to accept and appreciate others talent. And that sometimes you just havent found the thing that is for you yet. Also growing up it was nice to see a main character that is not the usual bubbly and loud one cuz I was definitely a quiet kid, so it was a nice thing to relate to. (Though ofc the loud twin was still the one with most screen time from what I remember but the quiet one was not hushed to the background, they grew together) This show portrays that ppl can be different and thats just beautiful.

2 Magic-Kyun! Renaissance

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance

As art has many form, the artists who create also have their distinct characteristics, quirks, manifested through the sparkle effects of the anime. One's shine is created by a person's experience and expressions. Though there are times where the shine dims down as long as the artist does not give up there might still be a way, maybe cleaning up your workspace, trying new things or even perhaps finding a different path.

3 Sugar Sugar Rune

Sugar Sugar Rune

Feelings toward other people are shown as jewel hearts, varying in color showcasing the different types of relationship humans have, most being positive while some can hurt, whether you're the owner or the recipient.


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