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It's borderline pedophilia in the beginning. She doesn't make any romantic moves, but its creepy seeing a fourteen year old boy pinning after an (persumely) eighteen year old girl. Then its the characters personality... it's not the best. The main male lead is possessive, obnoxious, and a brat. He doesn't like when the main female lead is talking to any males and raises his voice, but I'll even admit he changed a lot as he aged.

The female lead... lord where do I start? She had good intentions,  but I can't get over wanting to be in a relationship with someone you practically raised. Throughout the entire novel she continued to push his advances away, but as soon as she gets kicked out from the manor is when she realizes that she has romantic feelings for him (sounds very convenient) . I don't like how she has a guy who her age and clearly likes her, but she rather go after the guy she bathe when he was a child.... weird asf imo. 

The story itself carries the novel, besides the beautiful artwork. The story can get really depressing and they have so many unexplained things that it keeps my attention. I would've dropped it if the story wasn't so well written. I hope the ending doesn't disappoint. 

10/10 story
8/10 art
4/10 characters
7/10 overall
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