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Depths of Malice

Jul 17, 2022

The main female is how do I so absolutely unlikable. The male character are written in a way that you just don't like it. Which shows that they are a part of this new age media that can't write dynamic characters. Rule if thumb. If you can't write a female character that looks good with out trashing the males they aren't strong. I know the story is only 40 chapters in  (well translated I found) but the entire time I can't help but think "wow the the female lead is absolutely insufferable." One moment she is condemning the original person for how she treated the body the next she is flinging herself down the steps. She befriend other femaled to use them, not just in a way that mutually beneficial but in self interest.

She uses the self loathing for her past life as a way to justify an ends to her means. She use a very shallow level of empathy. Honestly I can't understand how anyone can like her. I have read many revenge stories but at least those have people who are actually dynamic and worthy of being the female leads foe. I can't respect anyone who doesn't care about people and thinks everyone is a stepping stone if committing certain acts is all it takes to make a person a the "bad guy" then I'm sorry. I honestly wouldn't mind if it was a Villainess story and their was someone to root for but legit. I honestly in a story where no one is a good guy, do I really have to pick the female who is Going to become the thing she hates just to have someone to root for. 

5/10 story
5/10 art
3/10 characters
5/10 overall

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