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Heya visitor this is Mikki. Where i live is a secret but.. Lets say i'm living in moon lol

There is some things that will make me fall in love an anime

🍙 Cutie, badass, anime characters. They are like a ranch sauce with large fries..

🍙 Amazing fight scenes. If they are fast, they are best.

🍙 Strong woman characters. I don't just like them. I LOVE them.

🍙 Comedy scenes, silly expressions. (Gintoki lol)

🍙 Plot twists. Some that left your jaw on the floor.

AND my dear visitors, there is one thing.. That i'm in love with my all body and soul..

And that is...

Kamui from Gintama!


Look at his beautiful smile.. I love him so much. I can fangirl him all day.

So thats all! This is Mikki and Mikki loves anime, manga, otome games with yandere boys and Mikki loves Kamui most!

Oh and recently i'm playing otome games. If you love too please recommend me some. I love Yandere boys lol (i already played Amnesia so don't recommend because of Toma lol)

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I adore these characters

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Cicendan Mar 5, 2019

Humm Hallo.. how to read the manga?

Yudesei Feb 25, 2019

Ikr? Scarlet is so cute ♥

Draiga Feb 22, 2019

Moshi Moshi

Thank u .......for following 

Glad to be ur first follower

Iam also a newbie in anime

So plz help me tooo...in doubts regarding anime 

Very Pleased to be frnds withu


Lirelle Feb 3, 2019

No no he's my husband so he can't be gay

He might be bi for Zen but not completely gay

zala Jan 27, 2019

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