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I decided to change my profile because I'm bored lol

So welcome!


Here is some things about me,

🍙 My nickname don't have a special meaning. Years ago I saw it in a book and decided to use it lol

🍙 Yeah again, where I'm living is a secret so lets say I'm living in the moon

🍙 I don't have any favourite genre, if anime is good then I will watch it. But of course there are some exceptions

🍙 I have huge problems with harem genre and its dumbass main hero's. But if that hero has an actual personality then maybe I watch it.

🍙 I don't like yaoi or yuri. They are way too cringry for me. I read some yaoi manga but not too much. Cute ones are exception . Like Castle Swimmer from line webtoon. Its cute so I'm reading it.

🍙 I can watch ecchi. Yeah.

🍙 I generally won't drop an anime. But if its too annoynig or too boring I will drop it.

🍙 In an anime important part for me is characters. Good characters are the best.

🍙 These days I'm listening J-rock. Amazarashi and The Oral Cigarattes are my favourite ones.

🍙 I watched my first anime in my childhood. I always watched Pokemon, beyblade and Yugioh with my big brother. I was in love with Kai from beybalde lol I always tried to wear scarf like him haha

🍙 I tend to love comedy and action genre more but like I said I can watch it as long as its not annoying and has some good characters.

🍙 For the manga I generally read cute shoujo mangas because they are easy to read. But these days I like reading action webtoons.

🍙 I like visual novels! I generally don't watch their anime versions becuse original is always the best.

🍙 I love playing mobile otome games too. Mystic Messenger, Mr. Love and Crybird's Ikemen series are my favourite ones. Specially Mystic Messenger has a special place in my heart...

🍙I'll probably change my icon a lot. Pictures are not mine.

🍙 And my english is the probably the worst english in the world so if I made a mistake sorry I'm still learning lol


\(^▽^)/ My favourite anime series. \(^▽^)/

Well to be honest except the first one I choose them just now lol


1- My most favourite anime is Gintama. This will never change. 


2- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


3- Hunter x Hunter (Because really it was awesome)


4- Zankyou no Terror


5- K (Because I love most of the characters. Music and animation is very good for me too)




7- Hyouka


And my favourite manga's (some of them has their anime series too but I love the manga more. Including Webtoons)

1-Dengeki Daisy

2- Hirunaka no Ryuusei (Because I love Shishio and that enough)

3- Bastard

4- Fruits Basket

5- Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

6- Dr. Stone

7- Unordinary

8- I love Yoo



I have so many loved characters so I won't put them in here because I can't choose lol

But there is one character that I love with my all body and soul..

Its Kamui from Gintama

Look at his beautiful smile.. I can fangirl him all day all year and I won't get tired of it even once..


So thats all! This is Mikkin and Mikkin loves anime, manga, otome games with yandere boys and Mikkin loves Kamui the most! Bye visitor! Have a good day!


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TheGreatOldOnes Jun 8, 2020

Hello! It's actually me, silverwine. I changed my account because I just did lol (actually that account doesn't have that good of a outsight, perhaps? I had way too many arguments with people on it, so I hope to change that on this new one, "be a better person" as they say). I didn't forget about you, so hope we can be the same friends as we did on the other account.

Chuuya Nakahara Bungo Stray Dogs GIF - ChuuyaNakahara ... 

Venosaurka Feb 18, 2020

Wow, you said everything I wanted to say but you phrased it much better than I ever could! I absolutely agree, I try to ignore fandoms but when majority of fandom are fujoshis than I just can’t ignore it. Not only that they ruin enjoyment from the show of ther people but they also distract people from wtaching the show, they literally ignore genres and releationships between characters and ship all characters togehter just because they are ‘cute together’ and call everybody that disagrees with them ‘homophobic’, I won’t ever be homophobic but fujoshi fandom is just so much disgusting. They shoul take example from yuri community, memebers of those communities ship mostly characters from shoujo-ai shows and when they ship characters from non-shoujo-ai anime they actually think about if they releationship would healthy. This js bit off topic, but I also really hate how much fujoshis change personalities of characters in yaoi fanifcs. I have nothing against huge personality changes as long as it is used right, but fujohis do that so that actually they can pair togehter characters that hate each other.

I don’t how to feel about Hashirama x Madara, they had nice releation when they were kids but they are unshippable as adults and they releationship wouldn’t ever work even during their childohood. Senjus literally took everything from Madara so it doesn’t make sense to ship him with any of Senjus.

I actually didn’t like JoJo when I completed S1 and Stardust Crusaders, but back than I jsut watched everything that I found watchable and I’m glad that I decided to watch every season. JoJo is really addictive one you invest time into it and it also changed my preferences in terms of anime a lot.

I’m not really fan of Zenitsu, but I understand why he has fans. My absolute favourites are Giyuu and Muichuro and I can’t decide between those two <3, I also really love Kanao and Mitsuri, I always am glad to see well-developed and well-written female characters in anime! I really love Akaza, he is well-written and great villain and I also really love Kokushibou <3! Muzan had potential, but he turned out to be extremely lame and I actually dislike Douma. I personally really like Shinjurou and I don’t get why gets so much hate, his actions are completely reasonable.

I don’t just have problems with Itachi’s fanbase, I absolutely despise him as character, I could talk about him whole day and I still could say many things about why I hate him. I tried to say what problems I have with him in my hate character list and I still can say much more about him. I don’t have problems with Sakura being useless, she couldn’t do anything useful on screen but I believe that she is amazing healer, I can even ignore all tropes going for her character but the way she acted towards Naruto was disgusting and her whole attachment to Sasuke is dumb lol. Hinata is worse thanher through, she is just as annyoung and cliché and she even gets sexualized plus she is much more useless than Sakura.

Kaguya is extremely dumb plot tool lol. Madara is definitely the strongest character in entire franchise and I don’t get why would anbody think that adult Sasuke and Naruto are stronger, Naruto is now on the exact same level on which Madara killed him and Sasuke literally doesn’t have an arm lol. Kaguya is also much wekaer than him, she only has bigger amount of chakra, but that doesn’t change anything because all characters that fought Kaguya had weaker chakra than Kaguya and Momoshiki was defeated by one rasengan lol. Only character that potentionaly could defeat Madara is Hagoromo, but we know nothing about him.

Lots of people hate Anasui because of his attachment towards Jolyne, but I think that his attachment is really realistic and he is also extremely likeable and hillairous.

Venosaurka Feb 14, 2020

Don't worry about late replies!

I absolutely agree! It can actually distract lots of people from watching some amazing shows (just like Haikyuu!!). I personally really hate when some fujoshi ships two characters that hate each other (just like Bakugo x Deku and Eren x Levi) and I especially have big problem with this when it comes to Naruto and especially when it comes to Madara Uchiha; I really love Madara Uchiha even through he isn't well-written and I get really mad when somebody ships him with Tobirama, they absolutely hate each other and Tobirama is one of the reasons why Madara turned out to be 'evil', and there also ships like Madara x Sasuke (I don't get why would those two characters should be together), also Madara x Sakura is really awful ship (I know that no fujoshi would ship this, but it is just so much wtf ship).

I get why you don't like Vocaloid, so don't force yourself to listen to Neru's songs!

JoJo has some of the most well-written characters I've seen! Only part 1 lacks well-written characters and some characters in part 5 could have been better (Giorno, Trish, Diavolo), but many characters in it are amazing.

I personallly disliked how much Tanjiro kind is, but I like his motivation and his development. I don't like Zenitsu at all, I agree that he was important to the plot but he could have been developed more and he still was used for comic relief too much and I didn't found him funny, but I get why somebody would like him. I also love all pillars! Especially Muichuro, Giyuu and Kanroji are special to me. I'm also excited to watch movie, but tbh I didn't cry when I saw that scene for first time, I just couldn't cry, even through I love Kyoujurou and I was actually more sad when I saw Shinjurou's and Senjuro's reaction to it, but after I read for 2nd time I actually cried. Who is your absolute favourite character from KnY btw?

I already said that I hate Itachi Uchihaand his stupid fanbase but I guess that stupid character deserves stupid fanbase lol. I also really hate Sakura, but Hinata is worse and just more dumb and useless, Kaguya and Zetsu just shouldn't exist and I ofc hate Sasuke lol. I also hate whole Diabolik Lovers arc, all of those guys are just abusing Yui for no reason and Yui is also terrible, she lacks personality and she is really dumb but I kind of get why she acted like this at beginning of anime. I also hate almost every character in SAO and also in Happy Sugar Life and I absolutely despise Yuu from Owari no Seraph.

I want to see Anasui so much! I really deeply love him and I don't get why he is so hated...

My favourite Haikyuu!! characters are Yuu, Lev and Kuroo and I can't really say what my favourite team, but I guess that Karasuno is my favourite.


Venosaurka Jan 29, 2020

Yeah, only dumb fujoshis would ship Bum and Sangwoo together, it shows a lot about how much fujoshi community thinks about what they watch/read.

Bokura Mada Underground is definitely the best! And thank you very much for your praise! Do you know about Neru? He is Vocaloid artist and I really like his songs, maybe you will also like them!

MC's are one of the biggest problems in shonen genre, most of them are just over the top kind and heroic guys that are sometimes really enthusiastic and always want to be the best. I don't think that those tropes about shonen girls/rivals/villiains are so common as the tropy MCs, but most of those characters lack originality and because of that it is really refreshing to see some original shonen character. In my opinion JoJo, Mob Psycho and KnY are top tier shonens.

I also hate Sasuke so much! He is such terribly written character and yes, he makes the dumbest decisions lol. By the way, which character do you hate the most?

My favourite episode of Mushishi is last one from S1 and I also really loved every episode that had only Ginko in it, they feel really differently from other episodes and they are the most memorable overall.

Chase fits the DiU's plot and Josuke's personality and it has amazing and deep animation, I can't understand why it is so hated.

It is great that you are interested in Gyro! He is one of the best characters I know tbh. What is your opinion on Funny Valentine so far?

Venosaurka Jan 25, 2020

Now I’m even more excited to see more of Shigure! I completely understand all hate Akito gets, but I also don’t like when someone judges villains because of what they did, they are fictional not real…

I absolutely hate when somebody ships Sangwoo x Bum, it is such disgusting ship and it is even more disgusting when fujoshis says that they are cute together…

I’m glad you also love Bokura Mada Underground, it has such amazing and catchy lyrics and absolutely gorgeous animation. I also really love Demon Dance Tokyo and Baumkuchen End, those are also some REALLY AMAZING songs.

I never had problem with SoL, but I always liked shonens more. I thought that SoL shows were pretty good, but I thought that shows like Naruto and Ao no Exorcist ere much better becuase they had action in it lol. I still love action to this day, but well I’m not fan of shonens becuase of how generic and boring most of them are. I love to watch SoL when I’m tired and I have to be in right mood to watch action or psychological anime. I also love iyashikei, my favourite iyashikei definitely is Mushishi, it is auite creepy yet really calming at the same time and I also like Yuru Camp, trust me only 5 minutes of Yuru Camp will make you forget that reality exists lol. Kobayashi-san is amazing SoL and I would also recommend Lucky Star, Gabriel Dropout and Blend S if you haven’t watched these shows yet.

From what I’ve seen so far, I alo think that Tohru is best with Kyo, even through I usally don’t like to ship tsunderes (even male ones).

I really like Part 4, it is the first part with genuinely amazing story and it has amazing cast of characters. Josuke is also one of my favourite JoJo, je feels much more like real teenager than Jotaro or Jonathan, Kira is amazing and unique villain and both Okuyasu and Koichi have great releationship with Josuke. JoJolion also is set in Morioh, but it more focuses on Joestar/Kuujo/Higashikata families. I also like openings in Part 4 the most, I actually really love Chase lol.

I don’t like Giorno becuase of how bland he is, he acts like mary sue and always is better in evrything than other members of Bruno’s party and I also dislike how OP he is.

My favourite JoJo characters are Gyro Zeppeli and Funny Valenitne from SBR and Narciso Anasui from Stone Ocean, but I also really love these characters: Dio Brando (Phantom Blood), Jonathan Joestar (Phantom Blood), Joseph Joestar (Battle Tendency), Ceasar Zeppeli (Battle Tendency), Jotaro Kuujo (Stardust Crusaders), Hol Horse (Stardust Crusaders), Jean Pierre Polnareff (Stardust Crusaders), Iggy (Stardust Crusaders), Josuke Higashikata (Diamond is Unbreakeable), Kira Yoshikage (Diamond is Unbreakeable), Koichi Hirose (Diamond is Unbreakeable), Okuyasu Nijimura (Diamond is Unbreakeable), Bruno Buccelatti (Vento Aureo), Narancia Ghirga (Vento Aureo), Mista Guido (Vento Aureo), Fugo Panacotta (Vento Aureo), Doppio Vinegar (Vento Aureo), Jolyne Kuujo (Stone Ocean), Foo Fighters (Stone Ocean), Enrico Pucci (Stone Ocean), Lucy Steel (Steel Ball Run), Steven Steel (Steel Ball Run), Hot Pants (Steel Ball Run), Diego Brando (Steel Ball Run), Jobin Higashikata (JoJolion) and Daiya Higashikata (JoJolion). I basically love almost everyone from JoJo lol.

I will probably dissapoint you a lot, but I’m not fan of Bungou Stray Dogs and I kind of disliked S3, but my favourite characters are Fitzdgerald, Ranpo and Dazai. What about you?

Don’t worry about your english! I also am not native speaker.