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Aki Sora

Apr 27, 2012

Where to start....
It's kind of hard to come up with the right things to say, because I did enjoy reading most of it, but there are also quite a lot of things lacking in the story and the characters.
Also, I should warn you about chapter 6. I thought that was the most disturbing one for several reasons that I cannot express without spoilers, so I shall refrain to do so, but I must warn you that even for adult content mixed with drama, this one really gets the gears in your head cracking.

I thought that it was also rather amusing how, despite it being pretty explicit they still kept on going about his 'thing' being hot and what not... That thing has a name and you know it!
But anyway, never mind that. The most troublesome is still the lack of common sense. When you are trying to mix in feelings and psychological stuff, then surely you should understand the objections of incestuous relationships and not be like 'Huh, problem? What problem?'.
I can not believe, no matter how much you love a person, you can not for even a single moment have certain doubts about... Whatever situation might be at hand, especially when it is a moral issue.

The characters, interesting as they all are, are just too... How to put it...
Despite their clear personalities, they lack a certain depth, again also involving some common sense. Some aspects are covered when it comes to thinking about consequences, but then other things are just ignored.
Best example yet might simply be the use of condoms. Hello? Pregnancy? STD's?

And then there's the last few chapters. Could they possibly make all the previous events that already lacked credibility pale in comparison to anything else? Why yes, I think we can make you go like 'OMGWTF Scuzzlebutt!'

So then why did I still enjoy it? I can't even come up with the reason myself at this moment. Isn't that funny? No actually, but whatever. It's not like this is something to read just for the sex, because then you should get a proper hentai... Ehm... What's a porn manga called?
Anyway... Ehm...

You know what, if you're open minded in the erotic department and enjoy reading an adult story WITHOUT too much logic and don't mind the main character to be a ginormous push-over pussy who for that exact same reason AND the fact that he looks like a girl, which in this case seems to work in his favor because these girls seem to love girly boys... Then you should just go ahead and read the manga and judge for yourself.
Oh, you might want to also keep in mind that most guys are not capable to do it 10 times in a row, so for the girls, don't get your hope up and for the guys, don't feel... What's the word?
Like an underachiever or something.
It's just physically impossible. Sorry. =P Us men need to pause a bit (at least 5 minutes) in between or it will start to hurt, okay? Ah heck, it's not like all women can go on forever either.
But that's yet another story so, before I sink into another ADD agitated rant, I shall now cut this short and tell all the perverts to go read this and all the prudes... Why in the hell did you even read this review?!

5/10 story
7/10 art
7/10 characters
7/10 overall

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