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It's been a LONG time, since last I updated this!!
Today is March 12th of 2022 and I SHOULD be in the kitchen, making dinner for myself right now, but I just wanted to review my own page intro/bio for a bit.
I'll probably leave most of it as is, but delete some things that may no longer apply (like taking meds for severe depression).

Hi, my name is Michiel Veldhuis, which is Dutch, so most of you here probably don't know how to say that, so you can call me Mike.
I am an adult that is still a lot younger in his head (Birthdate indicated on this page, at the point of this update, I'm 40!).
I have ADD and PDD-nos (Mild autism), I'd like to go into detail about it, but then I'd fill up too much space, so let's just stick with; It can be somewhat troublesome.
For details on either of those things, just google it.
I have suffered from depression, pretty much since puberty and have also had a massive burn-out on top of that, from overworking, when I was about 21.
At that point, I tried to seek help, but a lot of shit still kept on happening, which meant I only really got to that therapy thing, when I was 23.

At that point, I was no longer working and therefor, was abl to watch a LOT of anime!
It's also been a while since I started reading manga, although I kind of hate reading, because I'm not too fast with that. (my eyes rush over the lines, so I think it said one thing, but then it turns out it didn't and I have to read it again... >_<, part of the ADD)
Thinking about the manga's I've read or been reading so far (and even the ones I've browsed through to compare to anime) I wonder why they make up so much stuff and change it so often to make it into an anime. It surely doesn't always do it justice!
Don't get me wrong, motion is good! But Emotions are just as important, and in some cases it just doesn't make sense in the anime, when the manga does a better job at explaining why things are like that.
So while we're talking about who what when where how and why?
Here's some more clichés.

*If there's so many people born with 'weak bodies', Japan must be quite full of very weak people...
*How the heck does your immune system work?! You're fine one moment and then you suddenly collapse/ faint because of... A fever?! And if 37 degrees Celsius is normal, 38 is 'a terrible fever'?! Sorry, but I've been out for dinner for my (ex) girlfriend's grandmothers birthday with 40,5 degrees fever. Yeah, a bit more and I could die, but heck, being at that birthday for my ex was important, so fudge it! THough, I did feel quite awful, for obvious reasons, I made it through anyway.
*How come if you're so ill, it's over the next day?!
*The overall image of Japanese people is that they're a bunch of prudes; Why are schoolgirls always fumbling each other's breasts?!
*How do pantyshots get a person nosebleeds when the length of the skirts are almost a guarantee for an average of 45 pantyshots a day?
*What's up with those nosebleeds anyway?
*How does shouting the name of your skill or ability affect it's performance?
*Why do magical girls need transformation scenes that consume too much time and get annoying after you've seen it 3 episodes... Unless you're a lolicon?
*Why do I always get mislead by the ages of the characters? Kids that look and behave like they're 17/18 turn out to be 14/15 and the other way around? Why does that guy's mother look like his girlfriend, why does that girl's father look like her grandfather?

*why do I keep worrying about such details when anime is a work of fiction and all I need to do is sit back an enjoy the show?
Oh right, I don't. Not when I'm watching it. It's just after seeing so many anime you start to wonder how many people actually bother to try and be original.

Oh, just one more for the heck of it;
To the shows that just go on and on and ON!
People DO actually have a limit to how strong they can become and most people, when they are dead, they tend to STAY dead!
If you make that main character of yours so incredibly strong that it goes beyond anybody's imagination, what justice are you doing to those enemies he/she fought at the very beginning of the story? If they were too strong then, how weak are they actually now? It's pretty sad when you think about it, you know?

I guess an addition might be in need, for all of the Isekai out there.
Don't get me wrong, I am not dissing on isekai, there are a lot of good ones out there, but... There are also SOOO many BAD ones now!
If you're going for the isekai angle, at least make it have a point, for being in another world!! SOme just dump a 'modern age' person into an isekai and then, life just goes on, like nothing happened. How is that interesting??

Oh well, let's get to the kitchen and get that dinner started.
I might be late for the birthday party later tonight, if I don't hurry up!

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dBo0ii Sep 28, 2012

Hey :)

I saw your bio and I totally get where your coming from with the cliches. I obviously haven't watched as much anime as you but i do get where your coming from how do the mangaka and anime directors get the ideas for these cliches unless they really happen in Japans society, hahaha oh well

Nice Page :)


xxjacobxx3 Jun 15, 2012

Naw, I havn't found episode 6 or later for stop hibari kun. It sucks, but I've given up.

Shoryu Apr 7, 2012

dude, brilliant page bro. i like you.

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seikaembrace Dec 30, 2011

I haven't finished reading Sundome yet, 'cos I'm reading it only when I feel like it. Oh yeah Windows7, this is something else, I totally lov'em! And yeah when I first bought my laptop with fresh new Win7 I was like "Find ALL the cool stuff!" hehe. Plus it has extra card for graphics so the experience with photoshop CS5 and games is something different! ^^ And oh, Skyrim, fus-roh-dah!! and and "I got a busted knee" or "I got an arrow on my knee" =p