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Yo, Mick here. Thanks for checking my profile out. I joined A-P because I'm really busy and kinda needed a new place to procrastinate. A couple of things about myself before you see my page: I've been watching anime since about 2012, and say what you will about SAO, but that was my gateway anime. I'm currently in college and the Air Force so sometimes I will be VERY BUSY. Hmu if you would like a recommendation, want to talk about any of the anime I've watched, or want to recommend one that you've noticed I haven't seen!

Feel free to hit me up anytime!

When seeing my ratings, keep in mind that giving an anime three stars is still a compliment, and my tastes change over time. Some of the anime I've rated were watched three or more years ago, so not everything will be crystal clear in my mind. That said, the rating will probably be like this:

5 stars: Excellent in most or all aspects. Outstanding in its field.

4.5 stars: Top-class anime. Loved it

4 stars: High-quality anime. Really liked it.

3.5 stars: Very good: liked it. Many of my guilty pleasure anime and the ones that are good, but not my thing can be found here.

3 stars: Not exactly my favorite, but the net feeling I got from the anime was positive. Sometimes an annoying character or poor direction can bump otherwise good anime down to a three. I would generally only suggest these to fans of the genre.

This marks the end of "would recommend," anime. The next group, "meh" anime is named as such because I don't feel anything in particular.

2.5 stars: Meh. Something about it (or everything about it) underwhelmed me. Generally, anime that dissapoints me (in potential or in developments) don't make it in the 2.5 range because I consider dissapointment to be a negative feeling. I might recommend these to fans of the genre, but only after explaining why they might not like it. Melodrama, while I understand its purpose, stresses me out so that could land things in the mediocre zone.

Would not recommend. These anime rubbed me the wrong way somehow, whether it's lazy writing, bad direction, bad music, or a drop in quality in the second season (Log Horizon, Recorder and Randoseru); I wouldn't generally recommend these to you unless your request defines the show exactly.

2 stars: Dislike. This usually refers to specific things (at least on the two star level) that I dislike.

1.5 stars: Strongly dislike. Much like "Dislike," but more so. Usually refers to dissapointments. 

1 star: Hate. I don't know how I finish these anime, because I can barely respect someone's opinion about these shows that doesn't match up with mine (I still can though, don't get me wrong.)

.5 stars: This spot is reserved for the worst anime.

Character development: what's that, does it taste good?

Plot: convoluted, inconsistent, horrid.

These anime generally have cardboard caricatures of characters (how do you like that alliteration?) and try to pass them off as the complex, living, breathing things that they certainly are not. Cliches are the preferred food of these grotesque denizens of a zone that I will Hate, hate, hate until I die.

P.S. It should be noted that I'm a bit of an isekai fanboy, so expect my opinion of isekai to be higher than yours. You've been warned.

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Rose77 Oct 19, 2017

Hey! ^.^ 

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, I have exams coming up so I've been super busy studying ●︿● . Can't wait until they are over though cause then I'll be free to watch all the anime I want hahaha. Thanks for the add on steam! What's your favourite anime of all time? 

narack Aug 2, 2017

Thanks! Looking forward to posting here!

nezra132 Jan 10, 2017

Hello! My apologies for the belated reply. I'm always glad when people enjoy the things I have written, I do put a lot of effort into my mini-reviews. My primary goal is to have them for myself, but I think it's awesome that other people enjoy reading them as well.

I've never really considered making video reviews. I have a terrible script-reading voice, and although my stream-of-conscious writing style is pretty decent, I'm not great at organizing my thoughts on the spot and then speaking those thoughts. I really do prefer writing. I may play around with videos eventually, but I feel it would turn into a major project that I'd quickly lose motivation for.

My list is a little behind right now, but I'll do my best to catch it up! Feel free to stop by and chat whenever!!

maochenxi Jan 6, 2017

Hello! I hope you have been enjoying your time on A-P!

Sianeka Jan 3, 2017

ahoymickey says... Thanks for welcoming me! I've been using Anime-Planet for about a year and I just now got around to actually signing up, and I'm glad I did!


Sorry so much for my long delay in replying.  I've just been super busy running around this holiday season, and it seems there just isn't enough time to go around and get to the things I want or need to do! *sigh*  I usually try to respond quickly.


Hope you have been finding the site useful, and that you enjoy your time here when you visit. It sounds like you are pretty familiar with the site.  Lots of good folks to meet, and anime to watch! Maybe you'll even decide to get involved with the community here; it's lively and fun! If you have any questions or just want to chat, please leave me a comment and I'll respond back (more quickly next time, I promise!)