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The emotional moments in this show were really deep. I also like the kindness and sympathy Tamaki shows towards the Shugogo house, even when they feel like they are just tools who don't deserve love, and on how relational issues are usually kinda solved in a healthy way in this show. 

Additionally, I think Aria is a well written antagonist that we can actually sympathize with, because..the anime does hint that she was pushed into something she didn't want when it concerned what she was doing in Logos..and it gives her a human side when she becomes concerned about Tamaki's words, something people usually don't see in a lot of shows where they usually depict "oh, the bad guy's the bad guy" sort of thing..

The thing is, even though this is an epic, high fantasy style anime, the show doesn't make it all about the fights, but the show also gives time to show and develop the connective, relational, human sides of the characters as well..take hearing the Shugogo house's responses to Tamaki's question on hobbies and Yuichi kindly emotionally comforting Tamaki after she lets Logos take one of the artifacts as well. (Especially when most of the Shugogo house were really disappointed with her..and possibly when he is disappointed with her too) 

TBH, this anime is kinda therapeutic in a way.

10/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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