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Popee the Performer

Apr 12, 2019

This anime is a ride, and I made sure to take some people along, so this will be sort of dual effort review off and on. I didn't know what I was getting into when the people in the discord of anime planet started preaching the ways of Popee, and after watching I get it. It's more complex then I expected, with it's strange surrealism and ever expanding lore pulls you in. It goes far beyond the show too, with odd merch, dedicated fandom and the creator who is always interacting with said fandom. It even further expands with the manga, which hopefully I can read someday. I feel the more the I look at it, the more info it reveals things that no one expected, or rather I didn't expect to find anyway.

Story is allover the place, and events from previous episodes like death are reset in the next. However I really enjoyed it, and it always went into a direction I never expected. It keeps it viewers always on it's toes. It's humour is based out of reality, and literally extends beyond into space, and it's universe into alternate universes. I think there was only one episode which I disliked in season 2 called sleep.... I will not elaborate on it.

Animation..... Well I mean it's really easy to date with it's CGI, however it gets better each season. Certain animation I was impressed with considering it's CGI from the early 2000's. I will rate it in mind of the year it was broadcasted in.

Sound We found it repetitive, I don't think we will be able to get the theme out of our brains for years to come. If it's even if mentioned right now, it pops into my head. When I am trying to sleep it pops in. Popee zee clown echoes around in my brain. I recognized some sound effects from other CGI shows from the 90's which I found hilarious. The soundtrack adds to the insanity of this series, so it fits.

Characters we found ourselves routing for certain characters, and even feeling bad for some in episodes. Popee is violent a psychopath, and is very full of himself. He does not like to be upstaged, and goes into murderous rages when things don't go his way. He does try to problem sometimes, but most of the time resorts to bombing ever loving crap out of what is causing the issue in his mind. We have concluded Kedamono is best waifu, and this is a fact. He is way less violent than Popee, and is loyal to a point, unless bribed with food. He expresses with masks that are constantly falling around him to reveal more expressions. I really ended up enjoying that. Papi..... well um he scares us. His sanity levels can be interesting, he is either trying to help, or gets so pissed he throws the moon. He can be very supportive, and wants to see the other characters grow most of the time. The way he goes about this can either be enduring, or straight up nightmare fuel. The adorable Elephant car and frog are generally at the brunt of all the characters antics. Alien can be a straight up jerk.

Overall we would say, grab a friend and hold tight. Cause you are in for one hell of a ride. This show is best viewed with other people just for the reactions alone.


10/10 story
7.5/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
10/10 overall

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