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Akame ga Kill!

Jun 29, 2020

This anime is so bad they murder charactars so they cant get development because that takes w r i t i n g

This is the worst anime ive ever seen trashcan never watch it u will lose so much time of your life, not to mention you will cry a million times

Akame ga kill is a great concept, but in the end it falls to pieces and crumbles. I will outline my reasons why.

Story: Its all over the place, the main problem stems from the fact that NO ONE cares about the empire being "corrupt" or boring missions killing jaegars which were predictable and annoying. A big problem lies that the show will kill a charactar each episode, including the main charactar. There is no shock, no one cares when someone dies because we just expect it. We don't have any sympathy because we just keep getting hit by more pain and suffering. We cant mourn bro's death because someone dies right after that. Whats with that? Also, the cheap move to make us feel bad for the empire near the end by attaching us to the charactars leaves it in even more of a emotional trainwreck.

Animation. It is actually pretty nice, but way too many cuts, making it hard to follow. Over all beautiful animation, until the final arc....

Sound: Pretty generic, nothing to talk about. The openings were great thought.

Charactars: Bland, boring, cant be attatched to them cause they will die as soon as they are introduced.

Also everytime a relic user is about to die they pull some magical bullshit "final move" to kill the person they are fighting. It really makes it annoying to watch fights because you know the relic user will just use some sort of suicide bomb type move making the fights utterlly pointless, unless the charactar is given plot armour, they will die.

Another problem is the charactars that are intresting, fun, loving, are brutally murdered before our eyes yet there was no point to it. Like I said, no one cares about the empire, corruption, bla bla bla its boring we want to care about the charactars, their journey, and how they survive, adapt, and overcome.

Fighting: In the beginning the fighting was promising. They would fight like, well, assassins. Knifes, swords, and the occasional relic user. That would make it intresting. Towards the second half it becomes a weird mech/DBZ type fighting. Huge beasts, robots, with super powers battling it out. Not to mention, if a charactar is not apart of the plot, his fighting skill is reduced to that of a coconut. Not to mention a big problem being that there is way too much OP power given to the plot charactars. It becomes so predictable the second akame stands against 500 soldiers, you know they are dead. In fact the show pokes fun at this fact near the end when the guy with the wings tells these fully armoured palace guards to run away because plot is going to kill them. 

The biggest problem with this anime is it achives nothing. For the final time, WHO CARES ABOUT THE EMPIRE.

woo hoo the empire has fallen, yet all of our favorite charactars, had to suffer brutal, painful  deaths, including leone at the end.

AND NO ONE CARES ABOUT TSUKIMI's death. They didnt care. The main charactar, who we watched for 23 freaking episodes, dies, and not one flashback, not 5 minutes spent on mourning his death. 'oh he died stopping a robot from falling on people, lets go fight that ice girl"

Not to mention the final battle is the dumbest thing ive ever watched.. So she freezes time or whatever, but magical "i used your drive to hunt people" plot move defeats her. Makes 0 sense. Not to mention, that final move makes no sense anyways. How does it even work.

Not to mention nothing is ever explained. Relics, hidden moves, the empire being formed, how night raid formed. WTF is going on in this show. does anyone know whats going on?

In conclusion, this is the worst anime ive ever watched. Why? Because I loved the charactars, I loved the premise and story idea, and the journey. But the disrespectful murders of all of the charactars we loved, for simple "feel sad right now" the predictable fights, the suicide bomb moves by relic users, turned a great idea, and charactars, to mush.

1/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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