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d4s0n Mar 2, 2022

go watch  Mushoku Tense, that review was really bad, are you saying just cus people in anime genosied makes it bad?

NatsumeKhun Apr 3, 2018

Because he's a precious rice ball who did nothing wrong and deserves a nice family like the Kawamotos. 

22kittycats Mar 25, 2017

Personaly I like him because I can relate to him so much... He's a good character in general as well (I mean good for a slice-of-life anime) 

Ritzerk Jan 3, 2017

I wouldn't be trying to stick in lottery numbers instead of saving a person I love the most. Especially since money changes people so I wouldn't want that. Just look at all those sad motofluckers that won millions, it didn't give them happiness. Anyway, black holes don't do that and there ain't any on earth, this could have never happened. It's just that they hoped it would and wrote it down so they can have their own peace of mind...

FringeBenefits Dec 19, 2016

RE MGRP: I agree, the pacing was extremely rushed, and this series really should have been 24 or 26 episodes at minimum. Madoka proved you can tell a magnificent story in only 12 episodes, but then again, Madoka had only six main characters, counting Kyubey. If time had been taken out between brutal murders to expand on who the girls were and why they were fighting, maybe their deaths wouldn't have felt so largely meaningless.

As for Sailor Moon: first off, you need to understand that when I first saw it at 11 years old, there was nothing else like it. Nothing. I didn't even know what anime was, but I knew what the typical shallow American "girls show" was, and Sailor Moon wasn't it. Here was an entire team of girl superheroes who had their own stories and their own personalities, who kicked ass and looked fabulous doing it. More important than that, Usagi/Sailor Moon (though she was known in English as "Serena" back then... yeah, I got in really early) was a superhero with realistic flaws: she was clumsy. She was a crybaby. She was hopeless at school, at sports, at romance, at pretty much everything. She wasn't held up on a pedastal like a lot of the OTHER superheroine "role models" I saw at the time. She was allowed to be real, to hurt and mess up and make bad decisions. In fact, she was really bad at the whole Sailor Moon thing at first, and she wanted nothing more than to go back to her normal teenage life of eating, sleeping, and crushing on boys. Seeing her grow from the wimp who burst into tears from a tiny scratch on her knee to the girl who sacrificed her life (multiple times!) to save the world (and the future, and the universe) was one of my first, best lessons in character development.

Aside from Usagi herself, Sailor Moon's treatment of the villains was extraordinary to me. Sure, when I first watched the series, a lot of them were dumbed down for the dubbed version due to the standards of the time, but that was my first real look at villains as people, not just sneering cartoon characters with two-dimensional motives. The villains had their own lives, their own alliances. They plotted against each other and quite often stabbed each other in the back, but despite that, they felt complete enough that their deaths (that was another novel thing... villains and heroes actually dying!) were often sympathetic. One such death in particular still makes me cry twenty years later.

I could go on and on: the music, the plot twists, the way that Usagi's love is her ultimate superpower. But I'll sum it up with this: I started Sailor Moon for the novelty of girls being the heroes. I stuck with it because its world drew me in and kept me spellbound.