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   Hello and welcome every bunny !


My name is Mimi ! I'm a 23 super awkward female who loves memes and anime!

I have other interest as well such as video games, cats, kpop, and more!

I'm not the most social person but if you comment me I will reply (eventually)

I also have a bad habit of apologizing for everything haha.

But feel free to follow me/send me a comment and I will follow and comment you back!



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School Idol Tomodachi


Thank you for reading this!! hope you have a wonderful day!! (´。• ω •。`) ♡



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AtuaDamnedIdiot Mar 8, 2020

Don't stress about replying, take as much time a you need! I'm glad you liked my hated characters list :)

Yakhio Feb 12, 2020

Hahaha, I will always reply, maybe not right away, but I always will. >w</ 

Let's not stress about keeping up airing season! Too much stress is bad for ya. :3: 

I will watch them - eventually. That's why there's 93 animes on watching list, I just leave my dropped ones there. I rarely move anything to stalled, usually just some childhood animes and ongoing promotional ones. :'D I always think that when total amount is high enoug, I'll watch some of them so I can drop the total number, hahahah... Not working, when you're too lazy to watch anything. I try my hardest to resist the urge to add more animes on my watching list. >________< 

Yeah I'm serious! Okay, last night it snowed nicely, but then it was again +1 and raining so no snow again. Just slush. And not even slush tomorrow, as it all the time above +0. Darn it >:C Send the coldness here! There used to be always snow here during winter, but this darn global warming. Steals my snow and cold and fun. No, no more rooms free in our house. And actually, as I still live with my parents (I landed my first job just last year, been having tough luck with job hunting & living close to capital so rents are quite high) so I feel that I can't demand too much. rwr''

I'm so sorry to hear that. T^T *Hugs* Last autumn & 2018 December I had rough time too. But ya can always talk to me, if that helps. ;w; 

Momokacchi Feb 10, 2020

Haha, "super awkward female" sounds a lot like me :D

Hello Mimi! How are you?
Ugh, seeing your profile really reminds me that I should do something about mine. Some of these days. Maybe.

ProtectKokichiOma18 Feb 6, 2020

Omg same here!! Mikan always deserves love and protection!!

And I see you like Angie too! It's pretty hard finding people who like her ;~;

Nita23 Feb 5, 2020

Hello! I'm bit late too. I'm fine thank you! Hope you're doing well!

I love those groups, most of them are my favorites too! My favorites are BTS, Stray kids, Got7, Twice, Red velvet, EXO,Itzy,Everglow,etc. Who is your bias from your fav groups?