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I love almost ALL anime. I wish I could participate in the sub-culture as well, I'm just not that social - WELCOME TO THE NHK...or rich. :"(

My name is Jeff and I LOVE ANIME!

I can't fill in my "Top 5" anime because I just can't decide what I like best. Too many series are on par with each other in my book because of the unique/fantastic story-lines or artwork. I have some down as equal in awesomeness from the characters and some because of the voice acting.

I absolutely refuse to watch english DUBBED versions of anything- unless I haven't got a choice. I LOVE to hear the Japanese vocies and the emotions that come through are so much more vibrant! Besides, dub tend to lose meaning in certain areas...when translation to English gets garbled...or voice actors suddenly believe that they know what the author of the manga meant to say and so they ad-lib the whole damn time. Rawr.

I rate my anime based on whether I liked the story, animation, characters, and so on. If I really don't like something I will give it a 0.5-1.5 stars, if I like the story but not the actual animation I might give it 2-2.5 stars, and if I like the story but the animation was just OK or the animation was great but the story was just OK I might give it a 3-3.5. Anyhting higher than that is based on all kinds of quality data that I can't even go into, it would take a whole page!

[October 2011 Update]

I just recently went to Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 (AWA 2011) and I loved it! AWA was my first convention, ever. I decided to work the con rather than just attend. I figured that I would get more out of the experience if I joined the team- and I was "hella" right! Free loot from the con, pizza dinner at the end, freebies from the director of my section (video rooms), and since I helped out with some unpackaging and stuff TONS of free t-shirts! Awesomeness! Here are a couple pictures from my cosplay; taken with an awful camera. I need to invest in a better one before next year for sure.

[April 2013 Update]

I moved up to Ohio for school. I am attending Heidelberg university in Tiffin, Ohio. Boring place, but it was my best option. I haven't met anyone here that shares an interest in anime. Go figure. Everyone's got a girlfriend/boyfriend, is in a clique or part of a sport, or is into the whole "greek life" thing. In January and February, there was snow (the most snow I've ever seen in real life). Now, it's still slightly cold, there are flowers blooming, and the trees are sprouting leaves; but apparently, pollen isn't a big issue, here, like it is in Georgia. It's probably because there are barely any pine trees (which I like). Regardless, I'll be headed back to Georgia for a summer visit in May, then I'll return here in June to start summer classes. I can't wait to have a decent meal. Tiffin, Ohio has absolutely no sense of culture and their "cultural food" is practically all buffet crapola. I want some indian curry and naan, some coconut soup, and some thai curry! I want some korean BBQ and I want some delicious Udon! (/salvating Really. I just drooled on my shirt.)

[November 2014 Update]

The past 2 years have been ridiculously tumultuous. Just before my last update, my sister had been arrested for trafficking drugs. Last December, I was 2 semesters away from grauating at Heidelberg and the college revoked my scholarship in order to save a political relationship with an elementary school. (I didn't lose my scholarship becaue of grades. I lost it because a teacher that I interned with became offened one afternoon when I let her know [after the students had left] that she might have given some incorrect information. So, she began sending letters to my school telling them that she would be speaking with the principal about refraining from acceptaing future interns if they didn't do something about me. Her complaints were that I didn't come to the school dressed appropriately for teaching, that I never showed up on time, and that I was rude. All of these are false and I even had evidence to back me up, but the school was more interested in saving their precious political relationship than worrying about my educational future. So, they reduced my grades (as, apparently, it is allowed in the by-laws at this school) to D's based on teacher reviews of performance in the field. Complete and utter bull-shit. I packed my things and looked into how I could move all of my things back as I had accumulated more than I went up with initially. I found that it would cost roughly the same amount to buy a vehicle that culd tow my current car as it would have cost to rent a U-haul and tow the car back. Well, 200 miles into my journey, the brake lines exploded. I drove the rest of the 890 mile journey back to GA, in the middle of the night, through snow and ice, and without brakes; but not before getting one last taste of assholery from Tiffin, Ohio. Because I left for home in the third week of December, the people that I lived with had not gotten paid yet. So, we decided that it would be easiest to have my deposit returned to me via a check in the mail. However, once I got home, they refused to send the check. I couldn't go back and return the vehicle (which turns out the brakes couldn't be fixed), I couldn't go back and demand my deposit, and I, basically, got royally screwed in general. After settling back in at home, I started to apply for GA State, but after a lengthy back and forth, they lost some of my paperwork and I couldn't be admitted last Spring. So, I took a break and worked some odd jobs until I got another chance to enroll. However, once I finally got into GSU, it turned out that my credits from Heidelberg University in Ohio would not transfer because of "new state curriculum" and "special new standards". So, I had to start from the beginning. On an up-note, my sister was released from prison slightly early and she is doing very well. More on the down-side, since I've been back, 5 people at my church have died. 2 of the 5 were part of a double-murder, followed by the murderer commiting suicide. So, like I said, it has been a tumultuous 2 years. I'm still watching TONS of anime, though. I haven't really been very diligent in addding in the anime that I have watched, but every now and then, I add some of them in as I see them while searching for new stuff I'd like.

[ January 2017 Update ]

So, this past year, in May of 2016, I graduated from Georgia State University with honors and in the upper 10% of my class. Yay me! Over the summer, I put my resume out there and went to interviews all over the place. Eventually, I got a job offer and I took it. I managed to lan a 4th grade teaching position less than 10 minutes away from my house. How sweet is that?! I've now been teaching for the past 7 months and I've been learning a lot from the first-hand, in-the-field, on-the-job experiences. I'm still getting used to a lot of new procedures, but I'm having fun. Prior to my graduation, I took a trip to Oslo, Norway in the Spring of 2015. What an awesome trip! I just wish I'd had someone to share it with... Most of the people on the trip went off on city excursions and never even bothered to ask me if I'd like to go. The few times that I got a chance to tag along with my peers, I had a blast and I took tons (literally 2,000+) of pictures. When I got back, in the following Fall semester at GSU, I entered one of my photographs into an art contest held by the Study Abroad. Unfortunately, I did not win first, second, or even third prize. However, I was given an honorable mention and they sent me a letter telling me that because of my photograph(s), they would be adding a ew catgory to their contests in the future: "Most Creative". I took four or five photos of myself standing, posing like the Karate Kid, sitting, and so-on in a forest way up in the mountains in norway on an Outdoor Kindergartens' backwoods trail. After correcting for color-errors, enhancing the photos a bit, and editing them into one, single shot with several of me in it, I set it in. It's a pretty cool shot. So, that was about Norway and the most interesting things that happened during my collegial efforts at GSU. That more or less brings you up-to-date on things with my life goings-ons and such.

[ July 2017 Update ]

So, this past school year was interesting to say the least. My (let me repaet what grade) FOURTH GRADERS managed to get in a TON of trouble this year. My first year of teaching and my class found a loop-hole in the security framework for schools using chromebooks with chrome. Guess who makes Chrome? Google. Now, guess who does ALL the security for school computer networks? GOOGLE. Guess who screwed the pooch?! Apparently not Google's fault...?! How? Well, suffice it to say that my students got into actual porn and the administration blamed me. All year long, I'm dealing with 8-9 year olds cursing up a storm, CHOKING each other out, and generally being little shits...and apparently, I am the one to blame (sarcasm). It's my fault that none of the students do their homework, study for tests, complete assignments, punch or kick each other, choke one another, steal from one another, and throw food when I am not in the lunch room with them- MY FAULT, SPECIFICALLY (heavy sarcasm)! All year long my students got into trouble for one thing or another. I would give them consequences, but they didn't care: no recess, silent lunch, sit out from (fun) activities, no computer time, sent to the principals (yes, plural) offices, and notes or calls home to parents; one student even receieved In-School-Suspension (3x) AND Out-Of-School-Suspension. The students just DID NOT CARE. Mainly because when they got in trouble at school, it didn't translate to being in trouble at home. I asked parents what they did when I sent home some particular notes (one parent - and I want to be sure you UNDERSTAND I AM QUOTING THE PARENT HERE, said "Well, I tried to take away her cell phone, but she got it back in an hour."), but they usually said that they weren't home in the afternoons, so the kids had free reign until dinner and then they were sent to bed. So, basically, no consequences at home. A while later, my supervisor suggested that I have students stand in a corner for 5 minutes if they did anything wrong during classes. I had tried everything else, so I said OK and on the very day I began this consequnce, as I had a student standing in a corner, our district superintendent walked into my clasroom to take notes on procedural stuff (yep, that's the technical term ~huff#^*). Within 10 minutes of him observing my classroom, one of the assistant principles at my school came to my classroom and told me I was to "stop using that consequence immediately." When I let him know that I was just following the suggestions of my superiors, he looked at me quizzically and asked who told me to use this method. I told him and he let me know that IN MY COUNTY IT'S ILLEGAL TO PUT CHILDREN IN THE CORNER because it's a form of humiliation (Fucking. Parents. -AND FUCKING SUPERVISOR!!!). To make a long story short, I ended up leaving that school. I looked over this summer for a new school and found one. I am starting there in August and I am looking forward to being a 5th grade teacher this year. Everyone put your hands together and pray that my students will be little angels- or at least not as shitty as my last group. I mean, FUCKING PORN?! REALLY?!

After starting at this new school, it's been a challenge since they were considered a failing school. We are Title I, the socio-economic situation is identical to that of my previous school, and the student body is just about identical. However, we started a full week behind schedule because summer school ran past it's deadline and there was no pincipal until the same week half of the teachers were hired. I thought I was going to be teaching 5th grade, but it turned out that I am teaching 4th again this year. Although, instead of a self-contained classroom like I had last year, I've been given a gargantuan amount of responsibility in that i will be teaching ONLY math. The reason behind my statement there is that the Georgia Milestones test is comprised primarly of two sections: Reading & Math. So, basically, I am on the hook for half of 108 students' Milestones Scores. Yikes! Talk about a lot of pressure! I'm doing the best I can, we JUST got the capability to use Chromebooks in the classroom (and obviously my experience from last year will determine how I work thngs out this year), but I'm optimistic about this years' results.

< As a side note: I recently learned through a friendly source at my previous school that 4th Grade -as a whole- did BETTER on their Milestones this year than they did the previous year. Woot Woot! That's right! That means I did a good job- even with all the shitty things that happened last year! >

After Hurricane Irma, it's taken almost a full school week to get the roads and power issues back under control enough to re-open schools as safe learning environments. We were glad to receive this (basically) extra week of vacation! Awesome! No meetings, no data entry, no planning, no students! THANK YOU HURRICANE IRMA! (If the hurricane did NOTHING else good, it at least gave a bunch of teachers a few extra days off!) Noiice!

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I adore these characters


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LittleRosie Jul 29, 2017

Nah, I haven't re-written anything- though I don't think I will, lol. If need be I can say there is a very "light" spoiler, but I doubt it's needed.

Hazu Jul 11, 2017

Who Bell's grandfather is? 

Kari5 Sep 30, 2013

Good day!

My name is Kari, and I run The Anime-Planet Contributors Organization (TACO for short) on the forums. I'm contacting everyone who has had interest in joining us in the past; as a reminder we are still active and we're still working hard for our goal of contributing as much as we can to this site! If you'd like to help out Anime Planet by contributing in a variety of ways (including recommendations, donations, reviews, and more), and get rewards for doing so, please drop by our sub-forum and join us!

Lets work together to make our site even more awesome!

Fallenblackroses Sep 13, 2013

Jeeeeeeffffff! Dude! I've been missing you!

Oh that sounds so cool, now is your chance to party hard and meet a cute girl. Good luck to you, sir! I broke up with my boyfriend who I was with for almost 3 and a half years. It's a long story. Have you been watching much anime lately? I am so far behind it isn't even funny. Only just started watching Ixion Saga DT (it's brilliant so far)!!

House of Anubis? I've seen some of that. Egytians are ok but it's all about the Aztecs. Those crazy Aztecs. How does it bring me to mind, btw? o.o

Oh and I got together with the dude in the end (haven't spoke to you in a very long time, do you remember me telling you about him?)

Take care, hope your next year at uni is fun :D

folie Jun 18, 2013

Another possibility would be that some kind of "Mysterious and evil organisation" used the serum on the population so they would create that threat for mankind that Pixis was talking about so they would unite, etc.

This would defintely be the boring route which this anime could take.