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I love romance, lyashikei, sports, classical music and drama anime 🥰 

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Fionka Apr 14, 2021

Anime sis!

Sorry for a little late reply, I wanted to watch all the episodes of new anime I'm watching and get up to date so I can comment more hehe

Of course Saturday not being Horimiya-Saturday hurt a bit.. so let's remember this amazing anime in our style - with a nice gif

#horimiya from kobeni my beloved

As for other anime of this season - I agree, I'm excited as well because most of those I wanted to watch seem pretty promising :)

  1. Fruits Basket - AMAZING start of the season 
  2. Koikimo - it's getting better than first impression when I wasn't 100% sure about it hehe
  3. Those Snow White Notes - loving this one! The music is actually so nice
  4. Higehiro - I think it's not that bad actually, but I haven't decide for sure haha
  5. Jouran - so exciting and maybe a bit confusing but I have a feeling it'll be good. And I LOVE the animation style

I've watched first edpisodes from 3 more anime

  1. 86 - didn't know what to expect and I didn't have high expectations but it was pretty nice
  2. The Sain't Magic Power is Omipotent - Are you watching this one? I think it's pretty nice so far and I think you might like it as well. Idk just a feeling hehe
  3. Tokyo Revengers - I don't know what's happening, but pretty solid first episode I guess?

OMG you're wathind Demon Slayer?! That's amazing that you're liking it because it really it a good one! And I really like not only the plot, characters but also animation itself. Let me know later on what you'll think :D

Let me just finish with this: sending you so so so many good vibes ^^ have a great rest of the week!

WaggonBallZ Apr 5, 2021

Thank you!! 😊 yours pretty too 💕

Fionka Apr 5, 2021

Anime sis!

Horimiya surely is an anime to remember for both of us I see ^^

I can't wait for Fruits Basket!!!

Koikimo - I guess we'll both see if we actually really like it or it's just okay hahahah

Those Snow White Notes - a good potential yes... I haven't seen Nana but it's on my Want-to-watch list hehe is it good?

No problem. I like sharing anime hehe but like I've said.. I'll see how good actually these anime that I've mentioned are because it can be very different than trailers

Yato-kun makes my heart skip a bit every time I think about him as well hehe

This scene was so powerful! Remember the past, but let it go and enjoy the present kind of feel *.*

~some good vibes coming your way my dear friend~

Here's some beautiful fan art that I've found. Enjoy :)

horimiya on Tumblr160 idées de ♥♥Miyamura Izumi - Horimiya♥♥ en 2021 | manga, anime, dessin

SecretOtaku Apr 4, 2021

Thank you! I love your bio as well ~

OkamiHime95 Apr 4, 2021

Thanks for the link. :) I've been curious about that one for awhile now, but knowing it's got Nana vibes makes me want to watch it even more lol. XD

I've been watching Carole and Tuesday, which kind of has Nana vibes too in a way. I really liked it. ^^

Thank you! My last one was from the Legacy of Kain franchise of video games. (I love the Vampire genre, soooo... XD ) I decided to change it to Jotoro, since I heard about Stone Ocean getting an anime adaption, plus my favorite Jojo is Jotoro lol. I'm really hyped for the anime, but I still need to watch Rohan, and Golden Wind first. Since I'm more of an anime watcher, I'm really behind on the manga, so I'm hoping to get some volumes sometime later this year.