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Sianeka Jul 29, 2017

 Tsugu  says...  Hi sorry for the late response but i'm currently not home and i will not be for about another lets say 20 days i'll consider helping WECO again once i get home but now i'm busy with other things. ill get in toucn with you via skype and well talk bout it

Sounds agreeable to me - we can talk when you return.  Where are you traveling, btw?  I hope it's someplace fun!

Sianeka Jul 28, 2017

WECO could really use help these days!  There are sooo many new members signing up to the site, and not nearly enough Greeters to welcome them all.  I myself am greeting hundreds of new people every single day, and it is hard for one person to welcome so many people every single day.

So, I'm reaching out for help.

You've helped WECO as a Greeter in the past, and have indicated you might be able to help again in the future.  So, I'm asking if you will come back and help again.  You don't have to spend a lot of time; 10-20 names each day takes less than 5 minutes of time per day, and less than a half hour a week, but it would help me out soooo much.

Please seriously consider reactivating as a Greeter.  If yes, just get back to me to let me know which days you can help and how many names you want.  Even 10 names one day a week would help!!!!

Sianeka Jul 20, 2017

Hi! Just checking in - how are you doing?

Sianeka Jun 3, 2017

Tsugu says...  I know that you can watch a few series but its still better to recommend streaming page.

There are more than just a few seres here (there are more than 40,000 videos!) but I do know what you mean.  I often use streaming pages from other sites myself.  But here, at least they are safe. Other streaming sites, like KA, are risky and can give you viruses and nasty malware just from visiting the site.  I know - it's happened to me.

And they don't always work.  For instance, nowadays when I try to use KA, it puts me in an endless CAPTCHA loop where when I click on an episode, the show won't load.  Instead it asks me to verify a captcha and every time I do, it just comes up with another captcha.  Over and over even though I answer the catchas correctly.  Have you had that happen?  Do you know how to actually gain access to the videos on KA now?

Sianeka Jun 2, 2017

Tsugu, you told Naluforlife (below) that you can't watch anime here on the site - That's not true any more!  While it USED to be that you couldn't watch anime here, you CAN now.

Although a-p is limited to only legal streaming video, it DOES offer anime viewing here.  I posted another answer to Naluforlife in Nalu's comments...