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This is without a doubt one of the worst shit I have ever read. If not the worst.
I started reading it at because I read the comments saying it was good. Pffffff tough shit! Don't fall for that like I did.
The whole story in itself is torture. The female lead is tired of her life. Tried to kill herself but failed but instead get turned up in to a kid. And she comes to the conclusion that the only reason she is alive is because of love. Yep another cliche shit. She wants to fall in love. That concept in it self is fine. But it's just the way the it is written that ruins everything. For her to fall in love she "needs" to get another identity and leave everyone of her disciples. She leaves just like that. With them believing she is dead. For most of them she was like a mother figure. That's what she was in their eyes. But in hers eyes they were only in the way. It's disgusting, how the author tries to normalize irresponsible and selfish behavior as a good thing. She never tells them anything, she only thinks about herself and herself only. Not even the guy who's been friends with her from the beginning can get trough to her. He likes her. But she is sooooo dense. I hate mange where the whole purpose is already there but the Mc does not see it. And is going to take for ever until she finally realizes that. The only thing that saves it is the art. That is totally fine. Not the most impressive one but just okay. God I wish I never wasted my time reading this shit. Please don't red this. For ur on good. It sucks. It will leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

3/10 story
7/10 art
1/10 characters
1/10 overall

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iamsaeran May 11, 2022

I'm not a big fan of this manwha, but when judgind an artwork credibility is the most important thing. What's terrible here, is that you seem to have read enough chapters so people may think you have credibility over it. In a way you do, but in fact you don't. I don't know where you read it or how you understood the whole plot, but you missed important detail lay out from the beginning. 

- she did not try to kill herself. The time had come and she made the selfless decision to return her magic to the earth for the sake of the country she deeply contributed to build. 

- She doesn't need to fall in love or to get another identify. Her role as an archmage is a symbol and she doesn't want to shake the world with her new self by reclaiming her old identity. Also, she wants to fall in love. After 120 years dedicating herself to the country, the people and her disciples, she takes some time off. I do not agree with her decision of cutting ties with the disciples, but for the sake of future readers speak your mind while speaking the truth. 

- Show me the ways the author tries to normalize irresponsible behaviors. Please separate the character's personalities (a friend/potential love interest comforting Charlotte because she felt responsible of her disciples) and the actual opinion of the author, which we have no clear way of proving.

- From what you wrote, it seems you wanted her to devote her second chance at life to her disciples, yet you also accuse her of being too dense when it comes to love. At the beginning of you critique, you ridiculed her for choosing love over her disciples. Which plot did you want? The disciples drama or the romance? She chooses to take responsibility of her disciples for her harsh decision like you wanted. When one disciple made an obscure pact with a demon, another's self is annihilated and being used, the other is setting the country in fire from distress... They all turned dark, mad or irrational. Where exactly does she have the time for to love ? 

Criticizing one point then the other does not make sense to me. If you wanted a well rounded Mary Sue, there are plenty characters like that out there. 

You do make a valid point :

- She did fail to consider her disciples perspective on the matter of her disappearance. 

They didn't even have a body to cry to. They suddenly had to accept the death of a mother figure that they cherished. But I don't think getting mad at the author for a character flaw is the thing to do. Characters should have flaws, that's what make them trustworthy to the readers. And her sense of responsibility set things a little bit right.

Also, that decision of the author (to have Charlotte conceal her new life) gave depth to the story, in my opinion. For some reason, she couldn't predict that her disciples would yearn for her presence and attention, longing for an old friend departing too soon. She cared for them but still considered herself unnecessary to them, failing to see the extent of enrichment she bring into their lives, as a master, as a mother and as a friend. 

AnimeZingKing32 Oct 17, 2021

Lmaooo people getting triggered over your review this shit is hilarious.

I get what you mean though, it's annoying that the mc is hella dense towards whats-his-faces' advances (like bish you're supposed to be looking for love and yet you acting blind as hell). I thought the whole "i didn't actually die because of ✨love✨" was a load of bs in the first place. 

Anyways, I managed to get 60 chapters in (tryna give it a chance to pick up) and it highkey got boring 30 chapters ago and still remains so. Might go back to it when I'm bored though, who knows

tempesthorne99 Apr 18, 2021

I really hate comments like this. It spoils the fun for everybody. Idk if you've read the novel or up until the recent updates on this to give such a review. Or maybe your way of understanding a human psyche is way off and you just spout nonesense everywhere.

katpatnat Feb 4, 2021