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Name: Medi

Birthday: 22-May-1992

Likes/Dislikes: kirai na mono nara takusan aru ga suki na mono wa betsu ni nai.

Work Experience: The Headmaster's Husband of Tōtsuki Saryō Ryōri Gakuen

                                                                          Ore No Kazoku

                                                                           My Best Friend


















NB: I also have some Waifus, so please be careful and leave them alone!!









                                      MY FAVOURITE GAME OF ALL TIME: THE LEGENDE OF ZELDA



hito ga tanin o kirai sono sonzai o mitomenai toki. sono sonzai o miru ningen no me wa osoroshii hodo tsumetai me ni naru no ja yo.

mattaku jibun tte iu mono ga nai yori wa mashi dakara zutto zutto baka yattetan da.

aitsu wa mou hito no kokoro no kurushimi o shitteiru.

massugu jibun no kotoba wa magenee.





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sushisushisushi Aug 13, 2018

:D hiiiii medielmo!!

hahahah thanks and your welcome too xD 

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hahaha yup gifs are awesome :D i love them :b

ohhh you dont speak japanese then. but yes the eng dub anime does help alot :D im learning how to speak it in school and duolingo :D its pretty fun for me but the im better at understanding it then speaking :b 

Related image

sure thing pal :b i was gonna do it anyway :D

but ill send them all random: :b

Image result for anime gif

Image result for anime gif

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Riipu Aug 11, 2018

Thank you too, for the follow.

I'm well, thanks. How are you? Great looking profile, by the way

sushisushisushi Aug 10, 2018

hahaha thanks for the follow :D i was honestly just about to logout xD 

:O arigatougosaimasu :b read your bio xD can you speak japanses? :D 

Image result for anime gifs cute

Image result for anime gifs cute hug

ps if you comment me back ill probs send more gifs xD hahaha i really like them :b 

Shiroyasha4ver Aug 9, 2018

Mashi 3la Amateur wla ngliziya .. atanhdr lk 3la t3unib dyalk hhhhhhh

TallyCrow Aug 9, 2018

Well in my opinion... it's not a mecha Anime.... it really isn't.  I don't anything but when robots are flying around or fighting is Mecha. 

But no hate. I can't force peoople to watch it. It's just my Number 1 Anime of all time. haha.