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ShiroPochama Aug 9, 2018

Mashi 3la Amateur wla ngliziya .. atanhdr lk 3la t3unib dyalk hhhhhhh

TallyCrow Aug 9, 2018

Well in my opinion... it's not a mecha Anime.... it really isn't.  I don't anything but when robots are flying around or fighting is Mecha. 

But no hate. I can't force peoople to watch it. It's just my Number 1 Anime of all time. haha. 

ShiroPochama Aug 9, 2018

Ma9drtsh n7bs d7ka wana tan9ra l comments hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

JapchaeNoodles Aug 9, 2018

Alright, thank you! My classes keep me really busy now but I'll find time to watch it on my next break! A lot of people love Rem. I usually like unpopular characters so we'll just have to see what happens! 

x) JapchaeNoodles

TallyCrow Aug 9, 2018

Well from the Anime I am currently watching that is airing this season, I would recommend Banana Fish and My Hero Academia, as I see you saw S1 but not 2 and s3 is airing. 

From other random Anime I have seen, Steins Gate and fullmetal Alchimest/fullmetal alchemist brotherhood.