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St3ph1 Oct 2, 2019

Yeah my first few episodes I was like please don't be another One Piece and I usually struggle watching episodic animes, but I actually started enjoying it after awhile, but I love the characters, so that's the only reason why I was watching it at first. 

Episode 300?? haha alright, wish me luck. 

I so am!1!! I do the stupidest things sometimes haha. What about you, but thanks. 

I loveeee Mystery, Psychology & Comedy probably my top 3 genres beside Horror/Thriller. Drama & Romance are really nice and can be so cute and it's unfair but I like shounen too. I pretty much will watch any genre but I'm not a huge fan of Mecha, but Darling In The Franxxx was fine becaus it had more elementes to it than just mecha. 

Aldrich606 Oct 2, 2019

Well it's not that bad, I just watched like 15 episodes and a 2 hour long SAO movie today... I have a lot of time for a while now. 

I watched Promised Neverland today. Did you watch it?

I didn't see Psycho-Pass, but I can tell you about the others.

Nanatsu no taizai is quiet a slow-burn and it has very epic fight scenes and OP characters, and the show doesn't take a thing seriously. I like it very much, but sometimes it's hard to watch. You should give it a shot if you have time, and decide whether you like it or not.

SAO is a divisive show, people either hate it or love it. It's an isekai, but it's pretty deep if you look under the surface. Has a lot of non-action scenes, with a lot of talking, but the fight scenes are awesome too. The first two seasons have very little fan service and not even a single kiss scene (if I remember correctly - it was a long time ago) but the movie I just watched, had both (in a very delicate manner) so I recommend you give it a try. But if you don't like it from the beginning, you won't like the remaining. 

Let me know if you watch any of them.

Have a Nice Day, A.

St3ph1 Oct 1, 2019

Okay okay don't get me started on Banana Fish haha. For me it was hands down amazing, it took me 2 episodes to get into, so if you don't like it at first push through!1 or it just might not be for you. I really hope you like it!! Let me know when you start it and what you think. It's such a mature & deep show that's underrated in my opinion. I hope your not turned off by Ash and Eiji's relationship, but I understand if you are. 

Honestly I think I have like 5-7 female characters on my love list... 

I mean I kind of have a Husbando, I feel like I'd have to choose just one so I stray away from the topic to myself but my top choices would be:

Yato, Noragami. 

Ash Lynx, Banana Fish

Akihiko Kaji, Given. I feel like he'd cheat on me though 😂

I guess I just like really stupid & outgoing guys or opposite ish of that?

Is Erina your top waifu? 

St3ph1 Oct 1, 2019

Gintama is hilarious, it's a long series so I'm going to take my time with it. Of course I added the 5th season... ahaha I'm a bit of a dumbass ignore me.

Hunter x Hunter is so good and I'm only ep 30. I could binge it all day but I'm trying not to because I don't want it to end (even though there are like 148 eps) 

Yeah I'm glad we like the same stuff too, what generes do you like??

ahh it's so funny, I love comdies like Food wars & Gintama etc. 

Aldrich606 Oct 1, 2019

A lot of sequels coming, and I want to catch up to them, that's the short term plan now. Boku no hero academia, SAO, Nanatsu no taizai, Food wars, Psycho pass... So I need to watch a few hundred episodes if I want to finish them.
Also, Assassin's pride and No gun life are the more interesting to me, and I added High Score Girl too, because you mentioned it and it might be pretty good.

Oh man, I'm so HYPED, I can't even tell you! 

Have a Good Day, A.