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CrimsonCondor Aug 6, 2019

Thank you! And yeah, I have haha. Most active A-P users have seen much more than me though. I live a busy life, but I try to make time to watch anime! What are some of your favorite anime?

zerothehero Aug 5, 2019

Yeah, I haven't read the manga yet even though I'm a big fan :(  I really want to read the physical manga but I can't purchase it T^T
I was planning to binge read the manga after the Fourth Plate comes out.

By the way, who is your favorite character?

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zerothehero Aug 4, 2019

Haha, it is a great anime!

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CrimsonCondor Aug 4, 2019

No problem! Thank you for following back, and have a great day! Chat me anytime!

zerothehero Aug 4, 2019

No prob, thanks for the follow back ^^ How are you doing?

I see you're also a big fan of Food Wars XD.

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