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St3ph1 Oct 8, 2019

It's like makeup its just annoying and a wig probably will be to. 

So I probably never will? I mean but what about you? you may prefer natural hair too. haha I love how you said that

I wonder how some kids are going to socialize? Sometimes my friends find it hard so, I feel so bad for the next generation ahaha.

The manga would be so amazingggg, whos your favourite in snk/aot

St3ph1 Oct 8, 2019

Yeah that would completely suck, being judged for loving someone.

Deep down, I think I secretly love sad endings, ahaha as much as I hate crying. But I honestly haven't watched too many sad animes. 

Japan would be so amazing everything you mentioned as well as food, and just how beautiful of a country it is. Where else do you want to travel?

I love travelling, I haven't done it heaps but, i really want to do it more eventually, see the world and different cultures, down the road. What about you? 

Yeah I need to remember to be more observant in the first place ahaha. I know Italian, but besides that and a tad of Japanese, nothing else. 

St3ph1 Oct 8, 2019

Haha yeah, apparently wigs are uncomfy, I mean I heard? I have no clue?

I still regret dying my hair. 

I know,I completely agree, I hope my partner does too, i'm a big family person so I actually want to build a relationship with my kids. I won't isolate my child, but no way are they going to be glued to an iPad their childhood, I feel like living on a property would be so nice ahah.

I know 4 seasons doesn't seem fulfillingenough ahaha. But I'll read the manga, and I know it will be amazing. 

St3ph1 Oct 4, 2019

I know 5 or so years are common, but what are they doing wrong, I feel bad for them ahaha.

Yeah it was really nice, I wish it was longer, I didn't know what the ending was going to be, but that was kind of a shitty ending, kind of, I mean it would've been nice if they got to meet again or something.

Really?? I mean I learnt a little in school, so, but I'm semi-learning off anime.

I really want to go to Japan one day ahaha.

St3ph1 Oct 4, 2019

It's scary changing your hair, I mean you have to be certain about it so sometimes it can be a waste of many, as you have to keep going back and getting the colour done again.

I know right it;s crazy how some 4 yr Olds own their own i-pads!! Like they are probably never going to play in the street. Haha not my kids, they can buy their own. Also like 12 year Olds have Instagram and their own phones like why?

Yeah defiantly very similar, Some of the characters even have similae-ish traits, not extremely but.

I know, they will skip some decent-ish important stuff I haven't read the manga for attack on titan though, I'm really excited for the last season though.