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TallyCrow Aug 8, 2018

Hey, I am good, and yourself? 

JapchaeNoodles Aug 7, 2018

Exactly! Friends need to have similarities and differences so there's plenty to talk about. We'll always be friends so no need to worry. I noticed you have watched Re:Zero, which is something I'm considering watching. Is it good?

x) JapchaeNoodles

JapchaeNoodles Aug 7, 2018

Of course! We're friends, always, Medi. We both have some things we'd rather not share at times but just know that whenever you need to open up, I am happy to listen.

x) JapchaeNoodles

JapchaeNoodles Aug 6, 2018

Hi! I'm great! It's totally cool! Everybody has stuff to do! Are you feeling alright though? I'm always here for you! Xoxo

x) JapchaeNoodles

JapchaeNoodles Jul 27, 2018

Of course! I'll watch it as well as give you any harem recommendations I come across.

I'm grounded now so I'm afraid I'll be inactive for a little while but please don't hesitate to reply like normal! I'll be sure to respond as soon as possible! Xoxo

x) JapchaeNoodles