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Name: Medi

Birthday: 22-May-1992

Likes/Dislikes: kirai na mono nara takusan aru ga suki na mono wa betsu ni nai.

Work Experience: The Headmaster's Husband of Tōtsuki Saryō Ryōri Gakuen

                                                                          Ore No Kazoku

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NB: I also have some Waifus, so please be careful and leave them alone!!











                                                                     MY FAVOURITE GAME OF ALL TIME: THE LEGENDE OF ZELDA



hito ga tanin o kirai sono sonzai o mitomenai toki. sono sonzai o miru ningen no me wa osoroshii hodo tsumetai me ni naru no ja yo.

mattaku jibun tte iu mono ga nai yori wa mashi dakara zutto zutto baka yattetan da.

aitsu wa mou hito no kokoro no kurushimi o shitteiru.

massugu jibun no kotoba wa magenee.





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extremelYBoring Jan 3, 2020

How do you think youd handle a partner with bad communication/struggles with their feelngs etc. I know I'd be so shit with dealing with that.

Yes, I do love comedy, I love laughing, etc. Being happy.

I agree, if everyone looked the same/same personalities it'd be so boring, plain. It'd be horrible. Falling in love would be so hard, making relationships.

Ah, I can get lost in a book the whole day. I have shelves of books. I'd hate having a partner who doesn't read.

Yeah I know, it's so bad to stay up so late.

Accountant is nice. 

Dr. Stone is very unique. It's great to watch anime anime so refreshing, wish such a new idea/characters. 

I love those kind of characters/heros too. Realistic, deep. With so much character developtment. 

Haha, thats so good you have your friend to talk about anime girls with. 

Have a good day!

Sending my love.

extremelYBoring Dec 30, 2019

It's funny how simple communication is, yet some people can find it so hard to achieve, me myself and even when you know it'll make it so much easier, it's so weird.

I think it would be so easy to open up to you

I think I appeal to funny/outgoing guys is because it's a nice thought to think this person could make laugh for the rest of my life, kind of thing. I think it's bad if someone is so shallow about how others look. And I agree, it's how you treat each other and how deep your love is, and what yous can give each other etc.

yeah I'm really the same during the week, especially when I want to read, I really get so caught up in books. On weekends I really fly through anime, I'll try not to stay up till 4 am tonight.. I'm really so tired now haha.  I'm also going to try watch beastars tonight. Also what do you work as? 

And yeah I do remember that episode. 

I'm planning to re-watch all of AOT whem the final season is coming out.

I thought I gave it 5 stars, let me change that later. I seriously love the anime series Dr. stone. it's so amazing.

I really hated how hard he was on Eren, but when I watched the first season of AOT, and a bit of the second i really loved Levi, so did my bestfriend (we'd always talk about anime boys ahaha) and now its really change, also Levi & I would honestly be so bad for one another haha... but now i really adore eren. 

I like Annie too, but Ymir & Mikasa are my favourite female characters from AOT then probably Annie, she's real amazing.

Have an amazing day, sending my love.

namiisenpai Dec 20, 2019

hiii! your profile is so cool and colorful! i love this picture of yours, its so pretty!

i like food wars too and i hope we have some more anime in common that we both like. i am looking for people to talk with on anime planet and you seem very nice so if you do not mind i would love hearing from you! thanks in advance

- namiisenpai

extremelYBoring Dec 18, 2019


I'm really grateful that your giving me a second chance, and I want take it, or you for granted, thank you for forgiving my mistake.

I agree, i think love is love without condition, I've never really been in love for a teenager, I've had boyfriends, but i've never really been in love, and i think if it comes it'll just be natural and just come. But the thought of love, and devoting yourself, for really anything to happen is kinda scarey.

I think the only thing i'll struggle with with love, is opening up to them, which i don't do for some reason, I think i can give good advice to people when they confide in me, but i always struggle opening up, telling them how i feel, or about my past, I think i'm pretty scared of being judged by people i love, and it always hits deep, and i'm still even suprised i'm writting this down even.

What do you think you'll struggle with in a romantic relationship?

Yeah, a loyal and devoted partner would probably be hard to come across, and i think relationships and perople just take time. To get to know, to get their trust and to trust back, i think it'll be great when you know a partner better than they know themselves, what makes them laugh, what they hate etc. etc. I think that'll be a great thing and you'll be wonderful, especially as a dad.

Also i've been watching Haikyu and it's sooo good, whos your favourite character from it, i'm also watching fair tail, and i love it better than i did before. 

I'm also going to start the last season of food wars.

Have an amzing day, much love~

lolitaorcalover1456 Dec 18, 2019

hi want to be friends