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Name: Medi

Birthday: 22-May-1992

Likes/Dislikes: kirai na mono nara takusan aru ga suki na mono wa betsu ni nai.

Work Experience: The Headmaster's Husband of Tōtsuki Saryō Ryōri Gakuen

                                                                          Ore No Kazoku

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NB: I also have some Waifus, so please be careful and leave them alone!!











                                                                     MY FAVOURITE GAME OF ALL TIME: THE LEGENDE OF ZELDA



hito ga tanin o kirai sono sonzai o mitomenai toki. sono sonzai o miru ningen no me wa osoroshii hodo tsumetai me ni naru no ja yo.

mattaku jibun tte iu mono ga nai yori wa mashi dakara zutto zutto baka yattetan da.

aitsu wa mou hito no kokoro no kurushimi o shitteiru.

massugu jibun no kotoba wa magenee.





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Shigatsu04 Nov 17, 2019

L kengaaaan

St3ph1 Nov 2, 2019

Thank you thank you.

Yeah I agree trust is hard to give and give again if it's broken.

I don't mean like heaps older, but probably a bit older if you know what I mean, I'm probably just in general wait to date rill my 20's. Yeah 17/18 yr Olds can be childish, the ones I know make good friends but id never be able to date them, because all they can seem to do is mess around.

Yeah sassy/funny characters are the best. Yeah if you watch citrus I think you'll really like Yuzu. Characters that are relistic are always amazing, and I always give extra credit to the show. YEs when that one character makes the whole show shit, it's like ahh with. Yes Gintoki is extremly realistic imo, which is why he's so loved. The Gintama cast is just hands down amazing, I agree. Gintoki woukd be my favourite though.

Yeah sadist characters can be horrible sometimes, especially when they have no meaning behind why they are like that. It's just a mood killer. 

I really like that you watch romance animes, one of the only guys I know that watch anime who are actually open to it and respect it. 

The anime is still great though, it was amazing to see all the food ughh makes me want to eat and cook ahaha.

What else do you have in you?

Oh it did? that's weird.

St3ph1 Oct 29, 2019

Yeah school get busy but it's mainly the travelling to and from school that tires me and then work after, thanks for understanding,

Yeah I really need to learn to not have my guard up so much, but I learnt it's better to have standards than expectations, because expectations will be let down. And no one likes being let down, I doubt I'll meet anyone anytime soon unless they are mature for the male age or older & matured (Still want someone I can laug with) but I don't find immaturaty attractive and 17/18 yr old boys are... well you know ahah.

Hmmm what kind of characters I like? I love characters with a bit of sass or a funny side to them, I don't usually like characters who are just unrealisticlly cold, or really childish characters. I love Yuzu 'Citrus' She's an extremely loving teenage girl, who I can sometimes see myself in but she can be offputtung by how boy-obsessed she is but still adore her she can be pretty relistic, and I also love characters like Ash Lynx from Banna fish, he's funny but he has been through so much and develops so much. Into someone with weaknesses and strengths, and we get to see him go through all that. What characters do you like? What characters don't you?

Wolf girl and black prince was good as I remember it, I watched it awhile ago, I actually have no clue if you'll like it but I know you like romances.

That's really disappointing to hear (as we love the anime so much) the manga was AMAazINGGGG right? i'll still watch it but I probably will be a bit sad with how it turns out.

Yeah with all the different people here you meet and see its really nice because they bring their own spice to the mix and it's beautiful, ahaha like I'm not just Australiah either im only about 1/4. What about you? 

I agree, people who are only smart, it's just not good...

Erinasama Oct 18, 2019


By the way, Medi-Kun

What do you think about LISA LISA (Mother)?

St3ph1 Oct 17, 2019

Honestly, I think if the right person comes along I will open myself up, if my partner is more emotional than me that would help too. I think it'll be the same with you as well.

If you give a shot at Clannad/Clannad After Story (I personally didn't love it) but you might since you really like romances, but I totally reccomend Orange, really emotional/deep story. I could also see you possibly enjoying "Domestic Girlfriend" It has a few similarities to Scum's Wish. I watched Naruto agesssss ago. And didn't really like it, I did but not a lot so I didn't cry at all ahaha. 

I agree with you, 2020 has a lot of potential for the anime industry. Especially with sad animes/events.

Can't WAIT for the ending either!1 

You should visit me if you ever came to Australis, I could show you the best beaches. I think you'd enjoy it. And I'm sure you'd be fine snorkling eith gadget's, haha you'd love it. 

We have a few similaroties, which is interesting. I would love Morroco and you to welcome me, maybe ill travel there one day.

I love travelling to see people traditions/culture, as Australia doesn't have its own culture. The favourite thing about my place would be the beaches and the people.

Haha I would have to Force them if they didn't like swimming/beaches. Yeah I will try to love what my partner loves and will love it if they love what I love. 

I love animals so much too, what dog did you have?

Yeah no, your not that old haha, I think I'm deecntly mature, but I can be stupid/a dumbass sometimes. What about you?

Also, soso sorry for the late reply ~