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Likes: Anime, Manga, Games (nearlly all kinds of games), Snow board, guns, evilness, blood, cuteness, food, drinks, snow, the sun, the moon, my cat and my friends

Dislikes: Trolls, haters, racism and school

Hobby: Makeing stories for games! (makeing games for short)

Why the fudge am i here?: BECAUSE ANIME IS WIN!!!!!

How do you make that avatar?:

o and about the favorite genres and least favorite genres of anime i dont have since i like an anime when it have a good story thats all...

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RavenheartN1Anime Aug 20, 2010

Oi Mech.

You aren't using this site at all I see.

And btw:

Your Initials are MOM... (MechOtakuMode)