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ScrappyRed Jan 3, 2021

Stan Lee *was*. I wouldn't say he was smelly because thats kinda mean for a man who forged damn near all of the childhoods in the united states. The anime is pretty garbage tho.

garfieldkart Jan 3, 2021

That was just disrespecting a dead man who gave many people joy, with his creative talents for no reason why did you even do that

Mayobe Oct 17, 2017

You should watch Fireball and Fireball Charming. Animegataris is a reference-fest and not very good or funny, but it's a slow season. Inuyashiki is dumb, but it may turn out to be funny as camp / crapsack world humor.

SleepNest Oct 17, 2017

i need your review on inuyashiki and animegataris

SleepNest Oct 11, 2017

fireball humorous, is comedy CG animation and you gave it 4 stars ?
will it be the next ID-0 for this season ?