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Mayobe Mar 24, 2021


Yin0 Mar 24, 2021

Fucking christ, you're annoying. Saying: "There's no controversy. The score is above four stars. You just have a gripe and you're using an old hack journalist technique to try to amplify your viewpoint" doesn't help anyone, because nobody asked. It's an anime review, who gives a shit about if they mention controversy in it? 

P.S. - Also, you like MHA, so all of your opinions are irrelevant 

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Mayobe Feb 27, 2021

All these assmad otaku shitting themselves over that review all this time later, lmfao.

Yeah, he did make an anime, dipshit. It was called The Reflection, and it was terrible.

HorrorSeries Feb 26, 2021

He doesn't make anime are you stupid? And talking Stan Lee, Horikoshi is a fan of stan lee. I mean this is literallly Japanese X-men.

garfieldkart Jan 6, 2021

That's pretty messed up and random why are you saying that to me out of no where who are you