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Crossing Time

Jan 12, 2020

I found this show on A-P's homepage in the watch online widget/section and decided to give it a shot. With a total runtime of less than 40 minutes, it's surprising the amount of joy it gives. 

The story is episodic so if you're looking for something long, you'll be disappointed. However, past that point, Crossing Time is really fun if you're just looking to kill some time. The whole show is pretty "flat" and each story/episode is satisfying despite that.
Some characters were very cliche and some were not so cliche. But they all work quite well in the big picture that is the whole show. There was only one character that I found annoying. Though I guess he was supposed to get on your nerves haha. My favourite pair in the show was Ai-senpai and Tomo. The character designs and animation were decent. The voice acting was on the spot.
There's nothing to be said about the sound since there is no sound at all aside from environmet and dialogue.  

It's honestly unusual to see such a good show rated so low on here. I'm guessing it's because majority of people who rated it had watched it when it aired weekly. I think this show is ideal for binging more so than having to wait a whole week for just 3 and a half minutes of content. Also, if you're one of the people who watch a lot of stuff at the same time, most of which is packed with "happening" story arcs, Crossing Time is a good out-of-the-ordinary break from the buzz. This could also be the main reason why I'm so in favour of it. But I liked it nonetheless. 

7/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall

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