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Amateur Weeb watching and reading things that everyone is done talking about years ago. I love driving cars, riding motorcycles and drinking Chai/Chaha/Tea. Mostly talk about weeb-sh!t, games, movies, TV/Web shows and a few cursed things like politics. I used to read a lot of novels and other literature in Hindi, English and Marathi, but as I grew up my brain started fuctioning more like a kid. Now I read mangas.

Now, onto my anime/manga habits... I try not watch a bunch of stuff simultaneously, but fail a lot. I binge a lot whenever possible, but I usually end up watching one episode a day most of the times. I never drop any title I pick up (one exception), but sometimes a show or two just ends up being pushed back too much.

Preferences: Completed stories, Seinen, mysteries, thrillers, noir (mostly anything with moral grey areas), non-generic Shounen *coughs*, pretend-dislike of ecchi.

Aversions: Yaoi, mecha, romance dramas, coming of age arcs, anything that is supposed to have a plot but goes on for years (Exceptions) and isekai. I watch anime for my escapism. It's hard to enjoy the escapist story of some bland character whose only common trait with me is being a loser in the real world XD.

Don't really have a favourite character trope. Anything that isn't super one dimentional is fine.

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Anime: Cowboy Bebop, Serei No Moribito, Dororo

Characters: Spike Spiegel, Balsa, Koro Sensei, Misato KatsuragiMore favourites HERE

Mangaka: Chihiro Harumi 

My Ratings:

Anything below 2.5 includes stuff like OVAs that don't add anything to main stories, recap episodes, music videos or visual albums or utterly bad anime. 

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Natsu9999 Dec 11, 2019

Hello fellow indian weeb. Nice Bio 👌

knoxyal Nov 20, 2019

Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment on the detective conan movie list :) and congrats on catching up with the series. 

Halex Nov 19, 2019

You're welcome! Yes, CG can be dreadful sometimes, they were successful with Blame's CG, but that was a different company that did it. I can only hope it doesn't become another Berserk. But on this series, the story and how smart is the plotline will be more important than anything else. I hope they can deliver something worthy of this franchise.

Oceanwithwaves Nov 11, 2019

Hi! Thanks for the follow! I really appreciate it!

I followed you back. 

Have a nice day!


Turky Nov 6, 2019

Why not? The recent season was alright but I found the whole series to be not fun at all in general