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When I was eleven years old. I found out about anime and I started to watch it and I like anime now. My most favorite anime show is Owari No Searph and Akuma No Riddle. Owari No Seraph is a anime show and it is about a family and they try to escaped from a vampire place but all of them got killed by a vampire but only one have escaped from the bloodshed of his family and he grow up to be a vampire hunter and so he wouldn't make anymore friends or family of becasue what have happen when he was in the vampire place and then he finally made friends and a family and when he went on a mission to kill vampires he found his one old family member and he have a reunion with a vampire that kill the rest of his family and he was shocked and crying but there are more details in this anime show but I am to lazzy to type this all thing. If you want to you ahead and know what happens next go ahead. Akuma No Riddle is a anime show and it is about three kids going on a journey to help their town out in a snowy place and so then a few days earlier they got seperated and couldn't find there way to each other and so they went on to a place to help their town to become a better place and so he came to a huge town but he couldn't go anywhere so he sat next to a street wall and then a carrage came along and and girl came out of it and she invited him to her house. I will not tell you what happen next becasue you need to find out be yourself and you will need to watch, Akuma No Riddle. And that is my story about how I became to watch anime and my favorite anime shows. 


My Favorite T.V Show Are:

1. Vampire Knight

2. Sword Art Online

3. Strike the Blood

4. Charlotte

5. Akuma no Riddle

6. Glaymore

7. Owari no Seraph

8. Naruto



My Nonfavorite T.V Show Are:

1. Brave Whitches

2. Noragami

3. Black Bullet  

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IzzyXP Jul 2, 2017

I think it's so cool that we look the same XD I'm from england. It might be true what they say about everyone having someone who looks identical to them. I would ask you to send a photo of yorself but messages on here are not private whatsoever and you probably don't want your face on the site XD 

IzzyXP May 19, 2017

You sent me a message in November (sorry, haven't been online for ages XD) saying you looked just like me XD That made me laugh so bad! XD I wonder if people really do have doubles 

Ellogegamer Apr 21, 2017

Hello! Thank you for the follow! I'm following you back! :)

Sharpe Feb 3, 2017

Hi thanks for the follow.

Checkout my ranked list if you haven't already.

Happy watching.

Anamaii Feb 1, 2017

Hello thanks for the follow :) How are you?^^😃