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Just an ordinary person with way too much time. Often wondering about a video/story. Should I use my time to see this? Also questioning my life because I have time to be questioning my bio every day.

Over powered characters in fantasy stories, sci-fi stories, anything with interesting elements will make me favor them and the story even more. Most of the time I either read or watch then never see it's original or remake.

I love romance stories that a lot of us can relate to. I don't like couples that involves a partner "switching." It just annoys me when they keep crawling back to the other person just because they're in trouble. I also don't like it when a partner treats the other liked a pet or mud, and still ends up with them. I love relationships that started from a sweet childhood/history, a funny cause or dramatic scenario. I'm a LGBT reader and supporter. There isn't really a lot of good GL stories that I know of or that is out. Moonlight Garden is by the far the best that I know of. Citrius and Lily are also some good obed. Please tell me if you LOVE any, or any other non-related good stories that you like. 

I also don't like people who are annoying if you haven't noticed. I'm fine if they know they are the best, but some of the strongest, smartest or whatever characters can be sadly rude or arrogant. A cold shell and warm heart is not the same as a "fake" evil or wrongly disadvantaged soul.

I try my best to stay optimistic like maybe it'll get better. If the story idea/concept was unique and had potential, then it'll be a big factor to how I rate it.

Mangas have to present a clear plot in order for me to even think about it. A side story or "complex" conflict is not an excuse. Even if there's more to the plot or a hidden issue, I will not read it unless the story seems interesting in 5 minutes. No, action is not my all time favorite genre and no, I'm not a fan of rainbows and unicorns.

Sometimes I rate animes higher than others, but not much, because I notice that the manager of whoever couldn't fit it all into the show. (*Sigh* Tokyo Ghoul) Also, these are my opinions that I hope you can handle. I would love to talk your day away with you. (Known to be a chatterbox by others.) Open to all questions, discussions, and recommendations no matter what! ;D

My rating scale that I look back at all time. But honestly, I'm going to over think or under think all no matter what.

0.5: Don't look back, forget it all!

1: What?!?!

1.5: Could barely go further.

2: I don't recommend these-There were some like that were in this category, but they got better has the story progressed. So try to finish stories unless you feel like the story should go on fire or banging your head against a wall, then don't. 

2.5: I got through this, but the majority of it annoys me. Barely ok.

3: Average.

3.5: Good.

4: Really good. Few issues.

4.5: Yes!! Super close to 5, some minor points I felt made it worse or just had personal dislikes. -Great

5: Respect! Certainly worth it to waste however minutes or even hours of my time.

Anything rated badly most would question why I watched/read it. I'm just one of those people who has to see things through. It's only if I'm super bored or not annoyed by life itsef, and I have lots of time to watch/read it is when I continue onward.


If you want to read a certain manga, then search the title. Lots of sites should appear saying "Read MANGA TITLE." The sites that don't have the saying aren't review places like animeplanet. Mangakakalot, Manga Rock, and Mangadex are a few of the websites shown. I am not TRYING TO ADVERTISE ANYTHING, but I use WebToon, Web Comics, and Mangadex the most. If I'm VIOLATING A RULE or something, then PLEASE TELL ME. I rather not get in trouble and/have you be included. Please be aware some are sketchy and to not give personal information to the the site. Continue at your own risk, but please tell me before you do so I can help you find a safe site allowing you to read in paradise.

The same goes for anime, search it up. I don't usually watch anime, but I use YouTube, KissAnime, Anime1, and Crunchyroll. Its also been a long while since I watched tons of animes, but I believe I used the source that showed up first when searching up the anime.

 If you have been able to read every word I wrote up to now, congrats on you! I don't think I would be able to this long bio if I was someone else. Make sure to have a great day! Chao!

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MaiiDesu Apr 21, 2019

No problem at all!
It is really chill...tbh I didn't think I would like it, because the art style and the slow progression...but that's what I fell in love with!
I can reccommend a few they're really good but different. 

Really good webtoons
- What's Wrong with Secretary Kim(my fav)
-Woman's best friend
-Arrogance and Romance
-Age Matters!!!!(my fav)
-The water god's bride
-Dame na watashi ni koishite kudasai
-Special A
-Maid sama
-Kamisama kiss
-Takana& hana
Hope you like them, if you need any more send me a comment!

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in1994 Jan 17, 2019

Where do you read manhua “master’s secret baby” in english ? I can’t find it, there’s one in mangarock but seems they’ve dropped that

Max11030 Jan 4, 2019

Hello. Before I never really discovered or search, I just recorded my progress with animes and mangas. Due to the new update I looked around, and apparently there is a possibility to watch anime and manga. Sorry, for the misguided infomation.

MAX19960831 Nov 10, 2018

Hello I am new in this, I would like ask some detail abut this anime planet . What is exactly this is about. Can i read new manga. 

RizzBlair Oct 18, 2018

I also like reading some BL the story is interesting. It makes you want some more. Its not the usully love story that you read. But not just BL and GL  but all the stories that related to romance and love also. 😆

I can't wait to explore and read more. Because whenever i read it feels like i am in their world. 😂😂