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Sword Art Online II

Apr 7, 2021

Quite impressive how this went from a decently enjoyable anime to something so damn disgusting, but lets start with the good qualities of the anime, as it's easier to get the little things out the way first. The animation and sound as expected were good, especially during the fight scenes. Very flashy and exciting, but thats about it for the good qualities. The story is extremely predictable, though it is interesting, as you can't imagine the next episode being worse than the current one you're watching but this anime always manages to make you stand corrected, as every episode you watch makes you feel like your a step closer to degeneracy, with each episode alone improving my hygiene, making me want to take an hour long shower after indulging my eyes to the pain that is Sword Art Online II, and if you think that the degeneracy couldn't get any worse, you have never been so wrong about anything in your entire life. Everytime there is a sexual scene in this anime, the levels of degeneracy I felt was beyond this mortal realm, an entire dimensional field could not contain the amount of degeneracy that is contained in each episode. It got to the point where showering alone couldn't help me scrub the pain away, as I ended up baptizing myself multiple times after each traumatic experience of watching this shit.  The characters are also just as bad, as all of them are unlikable and forgettable. Only reason it isn't a 1/10 is because of the animation, sound, and somewhat imroving my hygiene, as I was regularly taking 3 showers per day when I was watching this corruption. Do not even bother watching season 1 as you might not think this season wouldn't be all that bad and watch it yourself if you base your opinions off the first season, but it really is just that bad, and not worth suffering a life of pain afterwards. Did I mention that it doesn't get even close to getting better from here? As every season after Sword Art Online II is just the exact same shit, if not worse,  the same degeneracy, the same corruption, the same anime where the fanbase is just a bunch of sheltered men suffering from moral decay. 2/10

1/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall

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Mattsue Apr 7, 2021

animation is gud