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Great anime to watch when you dont really know what to watch after finishing an anime. Very consistent episodes, no episodes really stand out as being way better or worse than the previous episode, and if they do it's because something important happened in the episode, like when Bocchi meets Kai at Karoake. Each episode has its own moments that are cute and funny, which is what makes each episode conistently good, though it isn't anything impressive. The animation is decent, but the way they design the characters and scenery makes the animation look very lively, with lots of personality, though I cant say the same thing for the sound. Sound in the anime isn't anything special, but isn't bad at all. Very normal, decent, regular old sound, though the characters are pretty good. The characters are very lovable, with lots of personality, quirks, and little cute gags that revolve around the person. Traits like Aru being unfortunate and headbutting Nako by launching herself at her everytime she gets called unfortunate by her makes it easy to differentiate each characters personality from each other. Though I do have issues with some characters, specifically two characters, Onaka Peko and Kurie Ito. These two characters managed to become friends with Hitori Bocchi but not much personality is shown from them. They show up every now and then, with boring dialogue and nothing special to be shown about these characters. The only moment I remember where Onaka Peko and Kurie Ito was involved in a scene that was some what entertaining is when Hitori Bocchi fainted when they were talking to her. These characters dont seem to have much to offer and are just friends with Hitori Bocchi so she can become friends again with Kai, as Kai won't be friends with her again unless she befriends everybody in the class, as she wants to help Bocchi with her extreme social anxiety. Overall this is a decently good anime to watch whether i's used to lift your spirits with its cute, innocent dialogue or just to watch some quality anime when you're bored. 6/10

6/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
7/10 characters
6/10 overall
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