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Greetings! I am a 28 year old anime fan, from the wild north! I have been an anime fan since I was in highschool, and I have had a healthy apprtiation of it ever since (Think more hobbyist and less wee-a-boo). I have cleared a fair amount of series and have probbaly even more on the back burner.

My current favorite is Kanon (2006). The heart-renching story, character devolopment and the sheer likeable-ness of the main character makes this series absolutly fantastic!

My good friend and myself often say that we wish we could go back in time; to before we watched Kanon, so we could re-watch it and have it effect us, the same way...All over again.

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animeotakujoanne Oct 20, 2010

Yeah, I really liked Zero too (I've also cosplayed Louise) I like my tsunderes xD

although overall, I'd have to say Toradora is still better in quality and plot. (Not that zero isn't good)

really?! I've been waiting for it since their was a ton of unanswered plot lines, but I had started to give up. yay! :D

animeotakujoanne Oct 20, 2010

thanks! that's because it's one of the best of tsundere shows xD

megab Oct 20, 2010

cool glad that u found  some good ones in my list i, know im a pretty big fan of ecchi u cant blame me for wanting to see hot anime girls x0. And let me guess my signature caught your eye didnt it.  but if u are in the mood for  ecchi type shows just ask me for the help if u want it dont matter

megab Oct 20, 2010

Yo nice Bio of yourself  and i too an anime fan since teenage years  and still continue to watch more take look at my list i have bit more shows watched, i hope im some of help     

Katiedid315 Oct 18, 2010

Thanks! I'm always looking for new anime and manga suggestions. It's great to meet someone my age that reads and watches this stuff.