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CheerupSkitz Jul 16, 2010

haha yeaa[: I am in love with one piece so I pickedd this one out for my avatar~ I prefer Zoro. Zolo always makes me think of how much 4kids changed some things[and not for the better XD]. P:

I like yours too! From Gurren Lagann right? I haven't watched it in forever lol.

CheerupSkitz Jul 16, 2010

thank ya [: I'm Rose! Nice ta meetcha!

Hellburn Jul 15, 2010

Oh ... and about the avatar ... I really hope you didn't feel anithing sarcastic about that one ... I quite like the emblem and I do feel it looks a bit devilish ...

I said enough ... I think ... see ya arround !

Hellburn Jul 15, 2010

Sorry if you felt I had any intention to offend, I have a bad habbit of speaking out my mind and onestly it felt a bit chieldish ,you're little bio, not thet mine is much more "mature".

Anyway ... I apologize for any offence I made.

A good day !

ANIMEallDAY Jul 15, 2010

ya it clannad just lures you in and clannad after story thats the main part i aint goin to lie i teared upon after story XD hahaha