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Kimchi4fun Jul 17, 2010

Ahaa Thanks :o

CheerupSkitz Jul 17, 2010

haha yeaa. I never finished watching it. I remember tho that I'm on eps 15 lol XD

ANIMEallDAY Jul 17, 2010

ya yur rigtht key animations just no where to hit you at

Hellburn Jul 16, 2010

Well ... I am not a big fan of mecha animes, but if you say this one is so great I shall give it a try, maibe I'll quite enjoy it :)Anyway, it's good that tensions are gone, hope we'll have somme nice anime's to reccomend to one another lather in time ...

They call me Dræco in real life, nice to meet ye and see ye arround. 

Ryuzaki71510 Jul 16, 2010

Glad to be here =)