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Hello! Hello! HELLOOOO!!!!!! My dear friends and people!!!! My name is Mateus, Carlos Mateus Araujo de Carvalho, and I am from Brazil, in the city of Fortaleza of the state of Ceara, born on October 6, 1994.

I am an extremely simple person, with emotional simplicity of high levels, with simple attitudes and actions, with absolutely inopportunism, understanding, lucidity and detachment, and I am extremely abnormal and of unnatural conscience (this because the person limits his own conscience by account of obsession and importance for one's life and destiny).

Everything I simply hate never shows rancor and hatred for everything in life, because hatred and rancor have very great differences, and resentment and hostility is when one has a habit of showing evil to another.

Everything I simply love never shows great esteem and feeling, because even if a person strengthens their feelings and esteem even more in difficult, bad and extreme moments, they may have real and family problems with other people, person can simply freak out if he loses all the people he loves, and kill the person responsible for extreme anger, and after that, the person can be completely alone, even having high pain and suffering, after a long time, she can become an extreme person individualistic, envious and egocentric, showing only importance to their own obsessions and ambitions.

I'm an introvert, I could not relate, I was very quiet. But I still have extreme reason and high irony. Every time I explain with understanding and the other person responds opportunely for more or less understanding or intolerance, I use my extreme reasoning and I respond for high ironies, with or without rejoicing (if necessary)

I do not like to interact in things without thinking 3 or 5 times, and also do not use the word "believe" for everything in life, but only the word "understand" because the word "believe" has strong connection with complexity, intolerance , understanding, obsession, ambition, etc.

The bad side of fame is when fame not only broadens people's obsession and ambition, but it can also strengthen their opportunism, intolerance, and low self-esteem.

My dream is to live abroad and never again to live in Brazil, because the country is suffering millions of economic and governmental crises in which this has always happened during all those years, and also because Brazilians have extreme complexities, attitudes and complex actions, ambitions and obsessions of high levels, in which they strongly impair their character.

The word "right" has a good strong side, but its bad side is extremely strong, even in difficult, complicated and even extreme moments, despite doing the right things for terrible motivations and monsters, great obsessions and ambitions, and strong connection and great strengthening of low self-esteem, that is, questing and despising everything that is against and what it does not tolerate, and seeking acceptance for everything it approves and wants, far surpassing intolerance. And that's all the fault of high sincerity. The most important thing is to show high lucidity and detachment without ambition and obsession for the certainty, and also not a drop of ambition and obsession for it.

Even if you have trouble doing something for something or everything in life, do nothing at all on this account, and you also have no habit and no intention of doing so. Because this can come at a time when you can ruin things in life. Have understanding, be rationalist, be extremely much more aware and have a sense of everything, understand much more in everything in life than believe, not everything you do, but only cherishes everything in life, etc.

Now let us recognize the difference between simplicity and complexity in the functions of consciousness of the living being:

(Simple People): Express much less emotions, not knowing how to improve their own attitudes, actions, opportunism, intolerance, obsession, ambition, sincerity and others; is someone who does not bother with the differences that exist between situations in which it is placed, since it is one that relates easily, and is also generally humble, sincere, and good with life, has no frills; he does not surrender to the vanities present in the environment in which he lives, that he is not superior to others, that he has no frills, that he does not live by complaining about life; To have only simple attitudes and actions, that is to say, much more similar and equal to others and without any degree of complexity with each other, being that a person with this characteristic can be simple, innocent, naive, modest, humble, vulgar, ignorant. In bad, extreme and complicated moments, the simple person can freak out monstrously demonstrating monstrous attitudes without any complexities, until he is limited and unconscious, and when they recover consciously, and even they who remember what happened, they return to being calm and quiet, without negative complexity and without negative and complex temperament.

(Complex People): To express more emotions, to be much more complicated and difficult to express and understand, to know how to improve their own attitudes, actions, opportunism, intolerance, obsession, ambition, sincerity and others; To have only complex attitudes and actions, that is, much more differentiated with each other and are used much more often in life because of the high level of physical ability and great excess of proactivity, and are attitudes of great competence. In bad, extreme and complicated moments, the complex person can freak out monstrously demonstrating monstrous attitudes, magnifying their complexity much more, further strengthening their actions, attitudes, and individualities, and becoming a highly problematic and extremely erratic person, and even if she is unconscious and conscious again, and if she does not remember what happened, she can be extremely problematic and wrong to the extreme, with her extreme intolerances, opportunisms and low self-esteem, fulltime, vulgar and alienated, with extremely negative complexities.

And all of this can prove that the bad side of complexity is extremely stronger to far more extreme than simplicity.

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