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I haven't watched nearly as much Anime as most fans of Anime but what I have watched I have enjoy. My facorite style is mostly stuff like Cowboy Bebop, Hellsing, Berserk (Original), Dragon Ball, and Trigun. Bsically any Anime with the old art style I am a huge fan of!. I'm a big fan of the Horror Genre. If anyone knows of any good "older" animes please don't hesitate to tell me! Again, my list isn't very big. There's a lot I haven't seen.

Some of my favorite Anime's are:

There may be more but that's just a basic list of ones that really stood out to me.

If anyone knows of some good horror animes, old or new, let me know!

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riddler279 Apr 28, 2016

Agreed, there is sooo much to watch! hehe, no probs. I was enjoying making that list! :) Well I think that its better to watch a lot of meaningfull stuff and to have what to watch in general. For some ppl it could be that they dont know what to watch, and just take whatever is thrown at them, and seems worth at the time. I tend to seak specific things out, tho anime is just something... Most time ive spent by the pc and tv was probably while watching anime.

riddler279 Apr 25, 2016

Awesome dude! Im a huge fan of the old-school style anime as well. Even tho I have not seen so many of them. Seems as if there are not many old-school anime fans out there(here on ap). I have not done any big research... Tho trough what ive seen, seems that way. Just because of the animation "quality" (simply it being drawn in less frames per secound) a lot of peapole decide just to skip these GRATE classics. In my opinion anime should be juddged by its story and charecters not the other way around. Good to know that there are others that agree.Some of the olds i loved and recommend to you:

  • Akira
  • Cowboy Bebop the movie - is a must see, the story has no relevance to the series story, but the same main charecters
  • Macross Plus Movie Edition - the artwork is simular, and has an epic soundtrack just like CB
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion(the original series) - it is not for everyone but I personally loved it. Its deep, twisted and has grate artwork as well
  • Patlabot OAV(7eps) and movies 1, 2 - its pretty complex with all the political stuff and philosophy presented

And some epic 2000s animes I loved a lot, and based of what you have watched I recommed to you

  • Tokyo Ghoul √A - if you loved 1 season advise you to watch 2nd
  • Darker Than Black(all of it) - cant comperhand how good it was for someone with a taste like mine
  • Death Note - deffenitly a 2000s classic, loved it, a lot of peapole argue about the 2nd part of the series, I loved all of it tho
  • Full Metal Alchemist(I suppose both) - if you dont want to watch the first version with a different secound part, than I advise you to skip ahead to Brotherhood which is a redo of the original series(up to like 26ep its the same), and rest assured its better. But dont forget the original series are grate as well.
  • Monster - tv series(but with anime style imagination and depth) done as an anime. Fucking grate man
  • One-Punch Man - cant explain, its something you have to watch yourself but I can promise it will be nothing like what ull expect
  • Paranoia Agent - very into depth with paranoia (the same as op-man cant explain)
  • Steins; Gate - its grate, but only if you are into time travel teories and science
  • Sword Art Online - if you are into RPGS and virtual reality(life or death like)
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - perhaps the best and most inspiring anime ive ever seen
  • Bleach
  • One Piece - imo two best of the big ones(have tried watching them all)

Thats all, sorry for the long read. You just remind me of myself when I just got into anime.

riddler279 Apr 14, 2016

Hey dude, watch Attack On Titan, u'll like it. Good start btw.