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-Contains Spoilers-

The first season of this anime was a breath of fresh air amidst the hundreds of high-school animes we have by now. The idea of making your love interest confess by plotting and scheming was novel and made for an interesting watch.

This season pales in comparison and seems like the writer/artist ran out of ideas and had to force in the same situations we have already seen hundreds times in other anime. The joke of the President being surbrisingly bad at sports is recycled but now with singing.The only time we actually see scheming/plotting by the characters this season is in the birthday episode. There is even a boring election arc.

There is absoultely no character progression as of episode 8. The lack of character progression could be forgiven in the first season as the characters are being just established. I feel that even if given 100 episodes, the characters would still stay the same so the writer can tell the same tired jokes, similar to Gintama. Not only that, the anime had to force in a Shoujo manga parody episode that threw all the character progression out the window and had the gall to pretend none of that happened the next episode.

The new character they introduced only serve ONE purpose, to walk in on people when they are in compromising situation and ruin the fun for everybody. I had to drop the anime when she did this while the President and Shinomiya were about to kiss in the sports locker and instead of asking her to piss of (something I think Shinomiya hould actually do), we convenienlty have the situation dissolved and character progression reset.

Overall, 5/10. Dropping this at episode 8. This is another mediocre rom-com that lacks the charm and novelty of the first season.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
5/10 overall

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jobbidem Feb 11, 2021

Reused joke? I get that but using it a second time emphasizes further that Shirogane is actually below average at a lot of things and only gets through with insane amounts of hard work. It makes the actual plot points later in the story have an amazing impact. 

Less scheming? Maybe because it always results in little to no character progression? The scheming we see more of at the beginning of the story helps build character so we can get to know more about how they work together before their character progresses. You dont like it when characters just "reset"? How about no character building at all? Endless comedy anime

Boring election arc? yea it was but i guess one was needed since they are in school and shirogane does need to be elected again

Miko sucks? She does but she gets better later in the manga.

She should have told Miko to piss off? Miko is a narc, they're going to compromise their positions if they follow through with it with Miko there. Miko doesn't even listen to Kaguya, she only listens to Chika. The sports shed scene actually does have a lasting impact on Kaguya if you bothered watching the damn thing. 

Hunterarcer Jul 8, 2020

I understand where you are coming from, but if what you are looking for is character progression I strongly recomend that you watch the rest of the season. I wont spoil anything but there is some really good character progression in the later episodes. And there is even more later on in the manga even for Miko Iino (which you brought up earlier as only having one purpose) so i would highly recomend that you read it.