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affectaed Sep 25, 2018

Thi hi^^

Yes I have heard of Akihabara, and I agree that Japan is an Otaku paradise. :3

Ahaha yeah me too sometimes. I can like sit in class or at home and say something and everyone around me is like whaaat. Oh and my bro goes around yelling baka lmao. Dreams in japanese??? かっこいい

<div id="tw-source-rmn-container" class="vk_dgy gsrt tw-nfl tw-compact-ta-container"> </div> <div class="vk_dgy gsrt tw-nfl tw-compact-ta-container">Yes it is difficult at times. Yes I am a beginner just started like a couple of weeks ago since I wanted a challenging language.</div> <div class="vk_dgy gsrt tw-nfl tw-compact-ta-container"> </div> <div class="vk_dgy gsrt tw-nfl tw-compact-ta-container">Ahh okay that's fine. And bnha is just so cool! What do you think up until now?</div> <div class="vk_dgy gsrt tw-nfl tw-compact-ta-container"> </div> <div class="vk_dgy gsrt tw-nfl tw-compact-ta-container">Btw what is your name? Or is Martzl your real name?</div>
FullmetalDragon Sep 25, 2018

Hey, thanks for following me ^^ I'm following you back now! 

How are you? Watching any good anime at the moment?

potatovanilla Sep 25, 2018

well, I must say about KissAnime is when the actual episode being uploaded, they usually observed the numbers from the first anime. like the Season 1, it only has 13 episodes so the Season 2 automatically starts with episode 14 by its first episode. unlike OtakuStream, every first episode of the Seasons starts with 1. then, just enjoy the show! I know you would like it 😉

hm, I'm actually done watching episode 50 of Black Clover and episode 24 of My Hero Academia. so, I'll just wait for their last episode. as of now, I don't have anything good to watch lately. my 'want to watch' list is not in the mood right now to choose what I should watch next. heh.

Mousekateer627 Sep 25, 2018

Hi. It's nice to hear from you. It has been so long and a lot of things are happening with me. How about ?

Right now I'm watching Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichini. It was recommended to me after finishing Deadman Wonderland.

Let me know if you want any recommendations based on what you're in the mood for.😊

CandyBel Sep 25, 2018

Ah, we really haven't. Wow, school got so hectic that I'm barely online now.XD. Hbu are you in school?

I'm really loving Attack On Titan 3, but I feel I may be biased since the AOT series is my favorite lol