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Welcome to my A-P page, do enjoy.

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- About Myself -

Introverted and a little awkward, but also friendly, fun, and lighthearted.

I enjoy reading books, manga of all kinds, as well as watch films and series too! I also play the occasional video game!

I was born, raised, and live in Wales (It's next to England) so I enjoy hiking and camping within the mountians.

I also enjoy to take photos when I'm out exploring!





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Thank you for reading. ありがとう!

- Marston out!

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RickGrimes Apr 11, 2019

Do you want to go back to writing really long comments?

RickGrimes Apr 5, 2019

Hello there!

RickGrimes Dec 27, 2017

Merry Christmas!

(also wishing you a happy new year in advance because i won't be around then :P)

"Yeah it's the Flaming Moe episode where Moe steals homers recipe to get famous. (Googled it)"


"Yeah the Vue is in Manchester making it the closest to me, can ge there with a few yrain journies, though it's almost £30 for just a ticket, not counting the price for a train ticket. I guess I could talk with my girlfriend see if she'd want to go, though Dunkirk, not really date material, hah."

Did you watch it?

"Really?! But the 3D movies, in my honest opinion, are incredibly lackluster and over-priced."

Yeah I know. They also have darker image but that's not really what bothers me. What bothers me more is that they don't really use 3D to it's full potential. The only 2 3D movies that i think really used the 3D potential was Avatar and The Hobbit 1(both of which i just watched recently) And the Hobbit 1 was really good. I haven't watched or read any other middle-earth stories.

"Well optical runs both on increible speed, with no loss of data. Whilest on anolgue audio. Meaning it doesn't get converted into digital, lose frequency bands, and all together sound much more crisp. (Though if downloading form let's say Spotify the sound card will have to convert into analogue.)"

Dad is planning to set up a new speaker setup. I'll tell him about it.

"I mean, I hadn't ever heard of Atmos before this, though I have heard it in use before at a friend of the families house. It gives the illusion of having speakers around the room, and on the roof with out having speakers there."

Yup and that's what I was planning on getting. I have only experienced it once in one of those 4D theaters.

"Great for tracking which direction audio is coming from. FLAC is incredible, I'm glad it's starting to get used again. It so much nicer to have epecially when you have anolgue audio. You can really hear the difference."

*Cries in cheap ear phones* I haven't really heard the difference mostly because i dont have anything that can produce good sound. I have seen the difference tho.

"Also, moving away from audio, do you have a Discord account? I know you ain't on PC often but it'd be a good place to communicate. That or Steam."

I have discord! There is also a AP discord channel. \o/


Ricku Grimesu out!

RickGrimes Dec 4, 2017

"Nope, it's been a while since I kept up with the Simpsons to be fair."

I haven’t watched the Simpsons recently either but I’m pretty sure the episode the gif was taken from was before season 10. The drink was called Flaming Homer (or Flaming Moe… I don’t exactly remember.)

"Ohhhh, oaky, okay. I get it now. Alrighty, I'll check the to closest ones. "

Here, I looked it up:-

BFI London IMAX Cinema and Vue, The Printworks 

both in Britan. They are the only true IMAX venues with 70mm IMAX and they are showing Dunkirk. I don't know how far it is from Wales but you should surely check out Dunkirk if you get the chance since it *COULD* be the last movie shot in IMAX. 

"Hmmm, that sucks but I guess I can see why they're dying off, probably costs a filming studio a significant amount more to produce and shoot in that format."

Not only that but more people prefer 3D than standard movies.

"Currently only headphones but looking into a 7.1 speaker setup on optical... though that'll cost a bit more than I currently can afford plus, it'd only be used when I'm not in discord with others. But it'd be pretty sweet! Though probably not worth getting into at all really."

I don't really know much about home speaker setups but from what i read optical isn't as good as HDMI. I might be misinformed on this. But getting a 7.1 surround would be awesome.

"You into audio much?"

The most i have ever read about audio is on diffrent types of Dolby setups(especially Atmos) and what FLAC is and how it's different from normal mp3.