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 >>>  Ohaioooo mina-san  ฅ(*°ω°*ฅ)  <<< 

1st of all, you should know I'm a bit shy!!!

I'm an IT engineer (app's dev) not-completely-normal guy who, in his free time loves playing video games, watching anime, drawing manga/anime characters and scenery and also loves anything related to Japan. Cause Japan is CRAZY! You gotta love it!

My dream is to go there, and maybe also live there. I thougth about it for a very long time and I am determined, and it's one of my many dreams. Curently I am learning the JPN language and grammar.


Some of my latest favourite characters: 

  Togaillya shall


 < Some stuff you should know about me >

Name and Nickname: Karol (カロル) / MarkedOne

(sounds almost like Carol but u have to pronounce the C and A like in the word Car)

Age: 27

Gender: Male

From: Slovakia ( Slovak Republic )

Fav. food: Fried cheese and French fries

Fav. beverage: Tea!!! (I love tea, especially Black)

Fav. Colors: white, blue, black, red, yellow

Music: I listen to anything that's good but mostly - Electronic

(Lo-Fi, Chillstep, deephouse, Jazz, MoeStep, Future funk etc.)

  Fav. Anime: Well, anything that has 4-5 stars on my list

Fav. Manga: The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, The Gamer

Fav. VN: Too many! 


Things I love:

Watching anime & Reading manga (obvious)

Playing video games!!!

Drawing (anime characters and stuff related to it, mostly)

Photography (nature, macros)

Hanging out with friends and ofc, I love being with My family! <3


I think, that's all for now!  

(Also im looking for some friends here, so follow me, i'll follow you back! :) )

Yoroshiku ne! ( ^w^)/

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Zangetsu92 Feb 2, 2018

Lol well damn. I can handle bad endings though I've seen tons of em. Thanks for the heads up though! 😀

Zangetsu92 Feb 1, 2018

Lol mahou sensou doesn't have the worst ending in all anime trust me. If you have seen saikano...or Gilgamesh... They are just two examples of anime with way way worst endings. 

P.s. I have not seen mahou sensou (magical warfare), but I'm positive I'm correct and also no spoilers for mahou sensou please! 😂

Greenmuffin91 Feb 3, 2016

Nice to meet you pal thanks for following me :)   

Noriko Aug 20, 2014

You're welcome! Hope you find this site useful :)