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Alrighty, I'll try make an effort on my Bio. 

I'm a shorty at around 152.5cm?  It's heartbreaking that I know my specific height. I try to check if I've grown taller, but in the end the results are just bullshit. My friends are all tall, which just saddens me even more. 

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Born in August, I thought I was a Sagittarius because I was told that was my star sign, my friend also mistaken me for an Aquarius but I checked on Google and I'm a Virgo. Another useless fact about me is that apparently I'm an INFJ-T?? Whatever the T means. 

I am a Filipino Australian! Main language is English though. Sorry. I understand, just can't speak it for some reason. 

My favourite things to eat are chili chips and anime boiiiiiiii . Favourite drink is Iced Coffee. 

Stuff I like to do:

Draw digitally

I'm still starting out, but hey, maybe I'll improve, who knows... The hands! Omg, don't get me started. I have trouble drawing them every. single. time! They don't look human! Tutorials. Yes they help, but in the end, it doesn't change nothing! I don't have the patience to watch them, so I just bail.

Listening to music

I love vibing to it! My type of style is the chill pop beats. Well, any song that has a good beat in the background. You can find me vibing with the beats on while reading manga.  

Looking at hot anime boi's both in manga and in anime. 

When I was a bit younger I told myself I wouldn't do this, but we all know things change. Right now I'm at the point where I have to hide this because we all know the ecchi scenes exist. They just had to play when your parents walked in! 

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And no, I do not watch hentai. I will not reach that point, but I read Yaoi and I'm debating myself on whether I should beg my Mum for a body pillow.

I can't choose which ones are my favourite eye candy, but I must say that I have recently simped for Shinsou. He looks so cool in season 5!

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And also Raphaelo Kedrey from 'The Princess Is A Marionette'. 

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Yeah, that's all. 

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What?! No manga ratings?

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D4RKS3NS3I Apr 16, 2021

Np np, I enjoy welcoming new people lol But hey it's normal not understanding at first, I haven't even discovered all the features yet

Stalled? Huh oh. It's pretty hard to explain. It's like a series that you are currently are reading but you dropped, not because you don't like it, but for other reasons, like you can't find it online or whatever. I use it mainly for series that I "dropped" but I plan on reading later. Like Beastars. I started the manga, but I kinda stopped at like ch 18 cuz I was busy on life. And it has been on stalled for 1 year now lol

I swear to god, only 1 out of every 100 users I welcome are manga readers lol. Glad they exist and I'm not the only one lmao

D4RKS3NS3I Apr 15, 2021

Yo, wassup? Name's Dark (and no, I ain't a fucking bot lmao), and it's my pleasure to tell you this...

Welcome to Anime-Planet!

This is a fantastic place to meet other weebs and track all the weird shit you have seen throught the years! You can also get some cool recommendations, rate the series you have enjoyed or hated, display your top waifus/husbandos, and many more things! Hope you have a great time here!

Hit me up if you need anything! ^^

But just in case, here are some frequently asked questions:

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P.D. Yoooo a manga reader? My kind are hard to find haha