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Rating Scale:

★★★★★ - 10/10 - Masterpiece. A genre or even industry-defining classic that stood the test of time and made a lasting impression on me. Also highly rewatchable.

★★★★½ - 9/10 - Near flawless show, highly enjoyable and rewatchable but lacked that certain "it" factor for me to consider it a masterpiece.

★★★★ - 8/10 - Really good show with minor imperfections.

★★★½ - 7/10 - Good show, definitely worth watching. However, it either didn't necessarily move me or isn't in my particular area of interest.

★★★ - 6/10 - Decent watch, entertaining enough to complete, but nothing too memorable.

★★½ - 5/10 - Average show in the middle of good and bad. Nothing special or too original.

★★ - 4/10 - Objectively bad. Although it has some redeeming qualities, the overall impression you get from it is negative.

★½ - 3/10 - Really bad show with little to none positive aspects.

★ - 2/10 - A complete waste of time, but still gotta give props to that certain thing that got me into it.

½ - Utter garbage that shouldn't exist.

Note: I try to keep the rating of my shows as objectively as possible. Nonetheless, there are many shows that are undeniably bad or not as great as they could've been or are simply just overhyped by the community. Even so, I sometimes find them highly entertaining on a pure subjective level. Such an example is Mirai Nikki, which arguably has numerous plot holes and a lack of character development among its issues. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed that anime a lot and found it memorable, but I try to keep the rating objective.

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matrixen Mar 17, 2021

Thank you for the link! Is the fanart of Eren btw?

matrixen Mar 15, 2021

Hey uhm just wanted to lyk but I love your pfp ;-; 

tobytrice Feb 7, 2021

Hey, sorry I never checked my notifications after all this time! I was partly being funny when I commented that Kamina was a homophobe, but I got this from his interactions with Leeron Littner in episode 2 of Gurren Lagann. Basically Kamina is the most affronted out of all the characters by Leeron's sexuality and says several things that aren't very nice lol. Upon meeting, Leeron jokes that Kamina call him "Ron" or "Beautiful Queen" if he prefers, to which Kamina gets angry and says "I'd rather die." Shortly after, Leeron makes a pass at Kamina and he draws his sword and says "die." In short, Kamina is one of the only characters in the show that is outwardly uncomfortable around Leeron. I think Leeron himself was written in a bad way that makes gay men look like predators, so I can't really fault Kamina specifically, but it's clear his masculinity clashes with Leeron's flamboyancy.

cupidslovearrow Dec 18, 2020

sorry for replying 5 years late but she didn't rape him it was just an illusion yuno made :)

stardust2222 Dec 3, 2020

I got my wish list ready to go and I'm pleased I'm doing community college