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Another isekai told from an outsider's point of view; in which someone who transmigrated into the body of a knight ended up where he wasn't supposed to be and changed the 'plot' of the main character, an alleged 'villainess' who has been isolated for 16 years in her family compound with just her grandfather and servants.  She is prophecied to be the doom of the kingdom, so she was never let out- yeah, brilliant, absolutely no way that would cause resentment, right?  But everything changes when she meets a pretty boy who knows nothing about the 'bad rumors' about her. 

I don't know if I'm rating it 100% fairly, but I'm not a fan of isekai's told from the PoV of someone who was not isekai'd.  I got confused by the summary, but the main character has no meta-knowledge so I dropped it pretty early on.  It seems okay though, if you're into that?  I just think it's weird.  If you're going to give anyone meta-knowledge, the main character should really have some too... otherwise, the reader is just left clueless and irritated all the time. 

?/10 story
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5/10 overall
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