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The story of a cat lady who got hit by truck-kun while feeding stray cats and reincarnated in another world... of a novel where the world ends because a character was mean, originally, to a cat.  Thusly, she will use her cat powers to save the world (not literal powers, she just loves cats) by finding that cat first and being nice to it... this manhua is... interesting. 

A comedy filled with nonsensical characters 'canon' to the 'original story' (of the novel in the cat lady's original world) and everything revolving around the cat lady and her new cats... who aren't just cats.  It's... the entire story is probably aimed for cat lovers.  If 'Cats' was a genre tag, it would be the main tag.  It should be called "I Just Want to be a Useless Cat Lady" instead.  You get the idea.  Except they have human forms because of course they do.  Magic and stuff. 

The main character's personality is like 70% Cat Lady 30% Greedy/Money Obsessed and yet 100% Airheaded Bimbo. Basically, somehow, the main character is a complete idiot but she's better than the even more idiotic character who originally inhabited the body in the eyes of the rest of the side characters who are also all idiots.  For an example of the main character's nonsensical stupidity and shortsightedness, see: "I want to be rich and carefree but I don't want to be part of this rich family because that would mean responsibilities, so I should try to get kicked out, I'm sure I'll still have tons of money and no responsibility then!!"  ??????

The art is pretty good, but the cats (and I cannot stress this enough) are creepy.  No I mean.  Who draws the equivelant of an ahegao on a cat for being petted?  With pink blush and human eyes and all??  Throw it in the fire.  It hurts me.  Just saying.  It's even creepier that they can just straight up take on human form like 'nbd' but people can still buy cats, okay?  #SlaveryMuch?

The story leaves a lot to be seen but... it's kind of boring.  Also there's this whole... thing going on in the background that's kind of hard to explain without what would probably be considered spoilers.  But it doesn't make ANY sense.  It also contradicts itself constantly between chapters, like the author forgot what they wrote very quickly. 

3/10 story
4/10 art
2/10 characters
2/10 overall

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