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I believe 3 stars is good for this one.  It’s okay, but not good enough or original enough to be much further than ‘average’ and certainly nothing so fancy as to warrant all 5 stars.  That said, it’s a decent read.  And giving it any less than 3 is doing it a disservice considering the trash that exists out there.

The plot is actually alright, and the villains are seriously sick mofos which kinda leaves you excited for them to get what’s coming to them- Then again, revenge is… honestly, stooping to their level just makes you a villain too.    

Anyway, the main character isn’t exactly… smart.  Or subtle.  But that just makes it more interesting in my opinion- certainly better than ‘boy goes back in time, immediately better at everything on his first try, amasses a harem of hot chicks’ and all.  It’s got cliché Asian drama, but it’s not bad. 

The art style is good, but not entirely period accurate (though, it’s a manhua, you can’t expect perfection there) and the outfits are a bit more… revealing than they should be, honestly. Probably just minor fanservice, there.  But really, the art is good.  As an artist, I admire some of their perspective ‘shots’ and even where there are art errors, it’s like… nobody can be good all the time, lol. 

The translation is kinda funny because you’ll have them all acting like it’s ancient china and then people will say “omg” and “she’ll get her waterloo” and it’s just… amusing.  Some of it’s weird and kinda messed up, but it’s funny. 

Tl;dr if you have time and nothing new to read, read it.  If you can find something better you haven’t read yet, put this on the backburner.

4/10 story
5/10 art
4/10 characters
5/10 overall

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