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Sianeka Apr 29, 2017

HiroSenpa says... Hello, I just saw your message this is the first time I logged onto Anime Planet for...a year? Haha I won't be so active so I will pass on the greeters. I have a lot of commitment with my life I am sorry about that :( 

Hiya! Great to hear from you again. 

No worries, truly.  Just asking because there have been a lot of new member signups recently, and WECO could use some extra hands.  But if you don't have any available time, that's not a problem.  Was just tossing it out as an option, there was no expectations on my part nor any obligation on yours for you to start doing greetings again.  It's always an option to you, but not good to do when you are already committed and over-committed to other things.

I'm hoping things smooth out for you soon and that your life isn't too stressful.  And I hope you can find time to visit a-p more, even if not doing welcome greetings.  Come on to log the anime you watch (and watch more anime! *big smile*) Good luck!

Sianeka Dec 25, 2016

Happy Holidays!  I know it’s been a while, but it’s the time of year. *smile* I’m wishing you a warm and happy holiday season, full of joyous moments.

Thank you for all your past help with WECO - I hope you realize that your efforts helped bring friendly character and cheer to the site and really helped to make a-p a site that truly stands out! *big smile*  Thank you again for helping.  

Note:  No pressure, but if you would consider reactivating as an active Greeter once again, it would be appreciated. Even only 5 or 10 names one day a week is helpful!

Sianeka Feb 20, 2016

HiroSenpai says...  KONICHUWAA! Thank you for worrying about me! I am sorry I had issues in my personal life and I am sorry I didn't inform you earlier I just kept it private to myself. However, I don't think I will be greeting people for a while, but sure I don't mind being under club supporters for the time being <3 Thank you very much!

It's good to hear from you!  I'm sorry you had troublesome issues to deal with, but I hope you have a better handle on things now, and that things get resolved in your favor.   I've moved you to Supporter so you won't need to worry about getting assignment emails, but you are welcome to come back as a Greeter in the future if you wish it!

KonaIzumi Feb 19, 2016

Don't worry about it :)

Watching any anime?

KonaIzumi Feb 18, 2016

Welcome back! How are you doing? :3